Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimers Disease Information is Widely Available

If a loved one is experiencing symptoms of Alzheimers disease, the family members will search for Alzheimers disease information. They may have many questions: Is it really Alzheimers? What kind of care do they need? What happens next?

The Internet has become a popular place for those wanting answers to know more about any subject, including Alzheimers disease information. Alzheimers disease information can be found in many places, on the Internet.

The Alzheimers Association is one of the best sources for Alzheimers disease information. This organization, founded in 1980 has a website (, that contains information about symptoms, long-term care, stages of the disease and how the public can help fight this form of dementia. Local Alzheimers Association chapters also have Alzheimers disease information in their office and family members can talk to a staff member about their loved one.

The organization not only discusses Alzheimers disease information, but also has information on research about the disease. The Alzheimers Association donates millions of dollars each year that funds research about the disease.

Tips to Prevent Alzheimer's

Most hospitals will have Alzheimers disease information on the Internet. But, much of the Alzheimers disease information on these websites is gleaned from the Alzheimers association. The benefit of looking at a local hospitals websites for Alzheimers disease information is that family members can determine what treatments are available in their area. Often a local doctor who specializes in treating Alzheimers patients is listed on a local hospital’s website. Caregivers are also often listed.

Other websites may also have Alzheimers disease information. These web sites include popular information sites that have a variety of information on different subjects. These web sites will often have a page devoted to Alzheimers disease information.

Caregivers such as nursing homes or independent living facilities may also list Alzheimers disease information on their website. These organizations deal with Alzheimers patients regularly. In addition to finding Alzheimers disease information, a synopsis of how the kind of care the organization gives will also be available for those looking at options for their loved ones.

With the popularity of the Internet, many people have disregarding the local library as a source for Alzheimers disease information. While the Internet can provide a lot of Alzheimers disease information quickly, the library offers books about in-depth case studies and research. The library is also a good source for books about other families and their struggles with Alzheimers diseases.


Support groups are also another community source for Alzheimers disease information. These groups, often sponsored by the Alzheimers Association, allow patients and their loved ones to share stores about their struggles with the disease while supporting each other. Often one will learn new Alzheimers disease information in these support groups.

The National Institutes of Health and the American Medical Association, along with other physician groups, also have Alzheimers disease information available either online or by mail. Patients or family members should seek a doctor’s advice when dealing with Alzheimers disease. A doctor is often your best source for Alzheimers disease information.

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