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Bulging Disc in Neck Symptoms

In cases of bulging discs, nerves may or may not be affected and this can affect bulging disc in neck symptoms. Generally, if you are suffering from bulging disc in the neck, you may experience having tingling sensations, numbness and pain. Other symptoms of this condition include:

Neck Pain

The pain can be felt on the back of the neck or the nape. Neck pain is usually milder during the early stages on the condition. However, in case the bulging disc is left untreated, the pain may become severe and you may have difficulty moving your neck.

neck pain causes
Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain can also be experienced in case of bulging disc on the neck. This is because the backbone runs through the neck and in the upper and lower back. You may experience sharp pain on your lower back along with coughing and sneezing and the pain can be aggravated with quick movements.

Pain in Limbs

The pain can also be felt on your arms and legs, and these are some of the most common symptoms of bulging disc in the neck. Pain in the buttocks can also be experienced and this is because of the structure of the spine. The pain can be due to overuse that alters the placement of the discs or prevent it from functioning properly, thus resulting to such condition.

Pain in Limbs
Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and Tingling

These are very common bulging disc in neck symptoms. You may experience a feeling of numbness as well as tingling sensations. This may also include light pricking sensation; a feeling of something is creeping on your skin or burning sensation. Such conditions are known as paresthesia. Numbness is another common symptom, thus making it impossible for you to move your neck.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is necessary to consult your physician immediately. You might need to practice bulging neck exercises or undergo therapies in order to treat your condition and alleviate the symptoms.

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