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Can you Sleep With your Chronic Back Pain ?

Sleep and Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be very excruciating and can keep an individual from participating in activities and doing the types of things that he/she normally would do. But most importantly, chronic back pain can affect the way an individual sleeps in a very negative way. Chronic back pain sufferers who have lower back pain left side will often have trouble falling asleep due to the pain. It can be hard for them to find a position that is comfortable when they are dealing with such pain.

Right and wrong position spine on different mattresses

Changes to Make For Better Sleep

While an individual may not be able to eliminate their chronic back pain completely, there are specific changes that can be made to help them sleep better. It is important that they are comfortable when they sleep to avoid any unnecessary added pain.

Buying a new mattress would definitely be one change to make, especially for those who have had the same mattress for more than five years. The mattress should offer enough comfort and support so that the individual with I4 and I5 back pain will be able to sleep better than before. A new mattress can make a huge difference for a chronic back pain sufferer.

Why You Should Be Sleeping On An Orthopaedic Bed ?

A full body pillow may also help chronic back pain sufferers. The full body pillow is often recommended for pregnant women for their aches and pains while trying to sleep so it definitely doesn’t hurt for a back pain sufferer to try the pillow too. A full body pillow can offer a sense of comfort and support that can actually help reduce and relieve some of the chronic pain that an individual suffers from.

Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

best sleeping position for back pain

Prior to going to sleep, a chronic back pain sufferer should take a relaxing hot shower. The hot shower can release tension of the muscles and relaxes the muscles which can relieve pain and help the individual lose the back pain. Taking a hot shower each night before bed can prove to be quite beneficial for those who are dealing with pain and are having troubles falling asleep.

Controlling Back Pain at Bedtime

It is also important for a chronic back pain sufferer to know how to control their back pain when they are trying to sleep. If they get into a position that causes them pain, they should switch their position to something that is more comforting. They should also practice meditation techniques which can help relieve some of the pain. If the pain truly becomes unbearable for someone suffering from chronic back pain while they are trying to sleep, they should take a painkiller. It is advised that painkillers should not be taken on a regular basis because then the body will become used to the medication and it will no longer work. However, it is perfectly fine for the individual to use the painkillers when they are truly in need of them. Knowing how to control the back pain and also making changes to relieve some of the back pain can prove to be successful for anyone with back pain who wants to get some sleep at night.

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