Choosing Medicine for Fibromyalgia

As you know it is essential to learn how to choose medicine for fibromyalgia if you suffer from troublesome fibromyalgia flares.

A flare up is a challenging onset of symptoms that you may feel helpless over. The symptoms typically include pain and may be accompanied by severe bouts of…

  • Depression
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Waves of nausea, and
  • overwhelming fatigue


The fibromyalgia flares may be mild for many, but they are completely disabling for others. While you may try relaxation techniques, light therapy, and herbal remedies, sometimes the pain is so overwhelming that you need medicine for fibromyalgia to cope with the flares.

No worries… Here, you will learn about popular medicinal options.

Let’s get started…

major depression


If you suffer from painful muscle contractions, issues with stiffness, and overwhelming complications with sleep, you may benefit from taking guaifenesin for fibromyalgia.

While this drug is typically used for respiratory conditions because it is considered to be an expectorant, it has been found to be effective for those that suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome.

guaifenesin for fibromyalgia

It is believed that this medication has the capability of increasing the elimination of potentially harmful calcium based phosphate from the tissues of the body.

As a result, it is believed that it has the potential to optimize the normal repair process in the muscles and the tissues of the body.



If you suffer from pain hypersensitivity, you may benefit from neurontin, which is often referred to as “Gabapentin”.

While this medication was originally intended to alleviate seizures in those that are susceptible, it has been found to be highly effective in combating neuropathic complications such as the burning pain that FMS patients often experience.

Neurontin is effective because of the fact that it actually alters the brain perceives pain. It is believed that it blocks pain signals from the body to the brain so that the person suffering with fibromyalgia flares experiences relief.

Neurontin and Fibromyalgia


If you suffer from fibromyalgia flares, it is likely that you experience several uncomfortable symptoms; however fatigue and a general sense of malaise are likely the most common.

If you need to be more alert and desire to feel more energetic, you should consider the medicine for fibromyalgia called provigil. This is typically prescribed to individuals that have sleep disorders and energy issues that affect their general quality of life.

If you find that you suffer from these symptoms, it is important to discuss this treatment option with your doctor.



When experiencing a flare up, it is likely that you will suffer from pain, fatigue, and possibly even depression. It is common to feel isolated and on edge during these challenging periods.

When evaluating medicine for fibromyalgia, you will find that Cymbalta is one of the most popular fibromyalgia drugs according to patients and medical professionals alike.


This medication has provided an extreme amount of relief to those that suffer from neurological pain, mental health conditions, and even anxiety that affects both the physiological and psychological health.


One of the main complications when it comes to fibromyalgia flares is that the nerves in the body react inappropriately and send signals that are, in a sense, exaggerated to the brain.

As a result, a patient may feel pain more severely, may have super sensitivity to noises, and could even smell in a stronger sense than normal. This is often referred to as “Central Nervous System Hypersensitivity“.

If you experience these types of complications, you may benefit from fibromyalgia drugs that address nervous system signals like effexor.

Effexor XR 75mg and 150mg

Yet…If you have found that natural remedies and over-the-counter medications are not working for you, you should consider prescription medication for fibromyalgia.

There are many options available that have been found to be highly effective in combating fibromyalgia flares.

The good news is that… In this FMS guide, you have been introduced to the most common treatment options. If you find that you are interested in one of these fibromyalgia drugs, be certain to discuss the treatment with a medical professional to decide if it is an appropriate choice for your unique condition.

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