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Did you know that each year more and more people suffer from chronic upper back pain? Is this happening to you?

Chronic upper back pain is discomfort that lasts more than three months. And this type of pain can easily disrupt your work, play and daily activities.

You can get relief now!!!! Many of people have by just following the tips on this website.

upper back pain

Please note…

Many times sufferers just don’t experience pain in the back but also may have upper back and chest pain or upper back pain lungs discomfort.

  • Most importantly…if your upper back pain should involve either chest pains or pain in the lungs area then immediately see your physician to rule out any serious conditions with your heart and/or lungs.

Please read on for great information about your discomfort!

One thing’s for sure…If you are just experiencing nagging discomfort between your shoulder blades the reason for your issue might be caused by the following…

Causes of Chronic Upper Back Pain

  • Improper sitting and poor posture
  • Incorrect lifting of objects
  • Sneezing or coughing
  • Injury
  • Weak muscles


Now… Some Causes of Chronic Upper Back and Chest Pain

Upper back Pain is can be accompanied by chest pain and can be frightening in its intensity. While it is vital to see your physician immediately to rule out any heart problems, don’t panic because 99% of the time the pain you are experiencing originates in and around your spine or diaphragm.

Some of the causes of this pain include…

  • The tightening of the diaphragm due to stress
  • Weakened muscles in your back
  • Spine or pelvis misalignment
  • Twisting or turning improperly

Treatments For Chronic Upper Back Pain or Chronic Upper Back and Chest Pain

You will find some effective treatments on this website that may reduce your discomfort. These tips have helped many of peoples and they will for you!

Treatments for chronic upper back pain and the discomfort associated with chest pains will vary depending on the cause of the discomfort.

upper back pain exercises

  • Spinal adjustments done by a Chiropractor
  • Massage Therapy by a licensed Massage Therapist
  • Exercises given by a Physical Therapist

Once the initial treatment is given then exercises to strengthen any weakened muscles is often recommended to help ease your discomfort and prevent further injury or pain. Hot and cold packs may also be recommended as an alternative to pain medications.


An important note
Regarding chronic back pain including your lungs

If at any time you experience pain in your lungs you need to seek a physicians care immediately. Most pain near your lung area is caused by pain in the joints connecting the ribs and radiating outward.

Often times X rays, MRIs and a complete and comprehensive medical history will be used to rule out any serious condition.

Other causes of upper back pain in lungs may include…

  • Pneumonia
  • Arthritis
  • Injury

In addition to the treatment by your doctor, tips given on this website, back massage and heat and cold therapies may benefit you.

Stop your suffering now…restore the quality of your life!

Following your doctor’s advice and treatment plan is essential to a full recovery.

In addition… the following will help you stay in control and feel better overall.

Learning all you can about your condition and how your body reacts to this condition.

  • Keeping a positive attitude
  • Taking the time to ask the questions that will help you to understand how to best heal your body
  • Follow the tips on this website

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