Crohns Disease

Crohns Risk Factors

In truth, doctors are not yet positive what causes Crohns .  They do not know for sure whether it is hereditary.  A cure has not been discovered.  But, it seems like more and more people have been diagnosed with chrons in the past few years.  As more individuals are being treated, interviewed and studied, physicians have come up with a list of potential risk factors that seem to contribute to chrons at the very least, if not be one of the major causes of this often debilitating auto-immune disease.

Crohn's syndrome


Unfortunately, anyone can be diagnosed with Crohns at any age.  Even children have been found to have the disease. However, it seems that the majority of individuals are between the ages of 20-30, when they are first diagnosed.  

But, there is also one good note about age and chrons, for women at least.  During menstruation, you may find that your Crohns is a little more active than usually.  But, the reverse can also apply.  As women go through menopause, many experience a decrease in Crohns symptoms.Ethnicity

As more people are being diagnosed with Crohns, it has been determined that ethnicity might increase the odds of Crohns.  Caucasians seems to have the edge on Crohns; but, those of Ashkenazi Jewish decent seem to have a greater risk of having this chronic illness.  Unfortunately, no one ethnic group can claim to be chrons free. But, your heritage may put you in a higher risk category.

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If you smoke, friends and family have probably given you every reason in the book to quit.  It might even being driving you crazy.  But, now you have another extremely important reason for stopping smoking right now, today.  Smoking is one of the greatest and most preventable risk factors for developing Crohns.

Crohns Disease and Smoking

If you have already been diagnosed with Crohns, quit smoking now.  If you do not, you are more likely to end up in the hospital, have very severe symptoms, and also need surgery. 

For example, I personally have Crohns disease.  Yes, I have had surgery and I have flare ups. But, I do not smoke.  Most of the time, I can control Crohns symptoms and monitor my own health.  However, I know two ladies that continue to smoke.  Both are friends and both have been in/out of the hospital countless times, and have to undergo more invasive treatments.  They have always been much sicker and suffered a lot more pain on a daily basis.  

So, if you smoke, talk to your doctor.  If you cannot seem to quit, ask for help. Do not wait until you are at death’s door before you can do something that will give your body a fighting chance.

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Sadly, if you have a close family member that has already been diagnosed with Crohns, you have a greater chance of developing the auto-immune disease yourself.  Generally, it will be a parent or a sibling that also has Crohns disease.  Unfortunately, both my sister and I have the disease.  She has actually experienced the symptoms of Crohns longer, but I was diagnosed first.  Then, my sister moved closer and was sent to the same specialist.  Since he already knew I had the disease, she was tested. 

So, if you have a family member or history of inflammatory bowel disease, and you are experiencing the symptoms of Crohns, get checked.  Hopefully, the results will be negative.  But, if you do have Crohns disease, the sooner you start treatment, the better for your health.

Crohns Disease: You are not Alone


If you live in a big city or industrialize area of the country, you also have a higher risk of developing Crohns.  It stands to reason that it might be the pollution and environmental factors.  Your body has to filter out all of this mess, and your digestive system might lose the fight.

But, it might also be due to your lifestyle and what you eat.  For example, you might eat more fast food that is higher in fat, preservatives, or refined foods.  If you have already been diagnosed, then you know that foods higher in fat, greasy, and spicy tend to make you feel worse.  However, if you eat healthy natural foods, you probably feel much better. So, this is why doctors think that where you live may contribute to the onset of Crohns.

In truth, knowing the risk factors of developing Crohns may/may not be helpful.  But, at least you will know to ask the doctor to check, if you have symptoms that might be chrons.  You also know some of the risk factors that you can change today, before they contribute to Crohns tomorrow.  It is now up to you to take care of your body.  Doctors can do their jobs, but you are the one who ultimately will have control of your Crohns.  You will probably be the one that will determine whether your Crohns is mild, moderate, or severe when active.  You can reduce at least some of your chrons risk factors.

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