Don’t Let That Fibromyalgia Pain Spread

The pain that you suffer from when fibromyalgia occurs is excruciating. It cam permeate into almost every area of your daily living and make every activity the most uncomfortable that you have done ever. There are ways to get through it but a lot of people do not understand the practical and the emotional effect of the pain on the body of a patient. This causes the patient to undergo even more stress and finally becomes mentally helpless. The fact of the matter is that that pain is indeed in every place possible and there is no way to get rid of it. The only thing to do is to learn to how to reduce it while living with it.

There are people who you can talk to including support groups but the best judge of what method is best for his or her pain the person who is undergoing the pain. There is a whole host of methods that are available to be availed of by the people who are plagued by the pain that comes along with the condition. The list looks like – self-hypnosis, relaxation exercises, stretching exercises, heat therapy, self evaluation and medication. What is more important is that the patient understands what her body is going through and admits it to herself first. Then they must learn to talk to close friends, family and their doctor about how they are feeling honestly.

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One good idea is to maintain a diary with the changes the condition is taking her through intact with the medication that she was taking at the time. If there was a noticeable change, then it must be looked into what works, what doesn’t and why it must be so.

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The pain brings about the intense fatigue that the body goes through for somebody studying with fibromyalgia. There is absolutely no strength even if you try and get some. Every single possibly small thing that you ever need to do seems almost impossible because of the intense pain that the condition brings along with it.

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The important thing about managing the pain spreading is that everything must be pre planned. You must be able to anticipate when it comes, what triggers it, at what time of the day it is more, what time does the fatigue hit the most etc. In simple words, One must stay ahead of pain. Once you understand these factors, you will be able to handle it more efficiently. If you are smart with you pain, your pain won’t be smart with you.

How do you explain your fibromyalgia symptoms, fatigue, pain to a doctor who prescribes narcotics

There are new medicines and techniques coming out every now and then. Read up about these treatments and even ask your doctor if they are advisable. All might not work. You can then follow the same rule of informing your doctor as you write in your dairy as to what works and what doesn’t to understand the condition better so that you can stay in the top of it and not let it walk all over you.

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  1. This article is wonderful. I fully agree with all that is written. In fact, I just told this all to my daughter.. I have had FM/CFS since 1982.. I have gone thru everything. Now I have accepted the pain and the fatigue and learned how to deal the best way I can. I am no longer depressed and only have as little medication as needed. I realize normal people will not understand what I am going thru and I am okay with that. I only hope others will be able to do what I did and change emotionally. It is not easy and is a long and hard road. If only we accept all and have hope eventually a cure is found. God Bless everyone.

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