Fibromyalgia and Exercise

Fibromyalgia and exercise is achievable. In fact, it’s essential! It plays such a huge and important role in controlling and maintaining your Fibromyalgia, and when you find the right Fibromyalgia exercise for you, it will start to turn your life around. 

If you are serious about taking those all important steps to really heal your Fibromyalgia, then it’s time to let go of any negativity you have ever associated with Fibromyalgia and exercise. It’s time to forget your fibro fears and really understand why exercise is so imperative in healing your FMS. 

fibro fear

Because every time your muscles ache, burn, pull or tingle they are speaking to you. And just like all symptoms of fibromyalgia, they are telling you that something is wrong. They are telling you they need help, that they can’t support you properly and they can’t do the job that they are supposed to do.

They need exercise to make them stronger, healthier and happier. And they need you to set the wheels in motion, and make it happen!

Pushing Past The Psychological Barrier

We know that exercising with Fibromyalgia can be like walking on a very thin tightrope. We know that not enough exercise, or exercise that is not done consistently will make little or no impact to your condition. And we know that the incorrect type of exercise for your personal symptoms, along with the possibility of over doing it and pushing you in to a flare, can and will deter people from exercising with Fibromyalgia.

But we also know, that when you find the right type of exercise that ticks all your personal boxes, it’s going to make a big difference to your life. 

do exercise and be happy

So don’t let exercise be your enemy. Allow it to be your ally!

Because when you approach Fibromyalgia and exercise with the right frame of mind, there are so many ways that it can help you. It can breathe new life in to your body your mind and your spirit. And it can do a lot to repair the physical damage caused by Fibromyalgia, that also keeps continuing to cause you so much pain.

Let Exercise Help You!

  • Improve your mood
  • Fight fatigue and improve your energy levels
  • Help you to fall asleep faster, and sleep for longer
  • Maintain weight levels
  • Release muscle tension and improve muscle strength
  • Put a bit of a spring back in to your step
  • Get some confidence back!

How Fibromyalgia And Exercise Can Help

There are so many ways in which exercise can really help to manage your Fibromyalgia and help you get your symptoms under control.

It can make such a huge difference to your pain levels, your overall health, and your mood. It can do wonders for your musculoskeletal system, your internal organs, and even your hormones! 

Exercise Improves The Musculoskeletal System

If you’re like the majority of Fibromyalgia sufferers, then you likely have a range of musculoskeletal issues that wreak havoc with your body. Severe muscle stiffness, burning, tingling, pulling, aching to list a few. It can all be somewhat dulled with medicinal or natural Fibromyalgia treatments, but it can definitely be improved with Fibromyalgia exercise!

Musculoskeletal System exercise

Exercise for Fibromyalgia Can Help To:

  • Improve posture & body alignment by developing a better muscular support system
  • Alleviate gravity related stress on the skeletal system & help to counteract that nasty pulling feeling of muscles dragging or tugging on the bone
  • Improve the health of connective tissues by strengthening collagen fibres & helping them maintain their strength & durability
  • Improve flexibility & joint range of motion
  • Alleviate deep muscle pain & assist with the release of muscle knots

But It’s Not Just About Your Muscles!

Fibromyalgia Exercise & The CNS

Fibromyalgia and exercise is about so much more than just keeping your muscles healthy. It’s actually essential for keeping your central nervous system functioning at its best.

Exercise actually helps to release neurotransmitters, or hormones from the brain through the CNS. These have a direct affect on your mental and physical health, and some of them even act as natural antidepressants. 

The release of endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline & epinephrine during physical activity can:

  • Improve your mood 
  • Combat depression & anxiety
  • Restore the body back to its natural sleeping pattern.
Exercise Improves Digestion & IBS

IBS or digestive issues are also common symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Diet modifications can help to keep them under control, but for added benefit exercise can help to alleviate their symptoms too. 

Physically, exercise warms and relaxes cold, tight muscles. But it also helps to warm and massage internal organs, such as the liver and intestines, improving blood flow and assisting with proper digestive function. Exercise also helps to relax and quieten the bowel down, as blood is being pumped to other parts of the body.

Also, IBS is considered by some to have psychological origins which implies that when someone is under stress it can manifest into physical problems. Again exercise helps to tackle the psychological origins of stress by releasing all those wonderful endorphins. 

Exercise Really Is Therapy

As you can see from all these examples, exercise is in itself, its very own therapy.

But there is another reason why Fibromyalgia and exercise is beneficial. And that is with consistent exercise it can actually lead to less dependence on Fibromyalgia treatments as your body rebuilds its strength, and begins to support itself again, as it’s supposed to.

That means less pain, less money spent on treatments and overall a greater quality of life!

But how do you go from reading about it on a page, to actually making it happen in your life?

Finding The Right Exercise For You

All of the benefits of exercise for Fibromyalgia are all very well, but to make them happen for you is all about choosing the right type of Fibromyalgia and exercise for your personal needs.

And by reading and researching and having the courage to try something that might be a little out of your comfort zone. Because no matter your condition or you ability, there is a type of Fibromyalgia exercise for everyone. 

Best Fibromyalgia Exercises

Just like natural FM therapies there are a large variety of Fibromyalgia exercises to choose from. That means, with the right frame of mind, you should be able to find a form of exercise that suits your needs as well as your ability.

In this section we explain why particular exercises for Fibromyalgia are considered to be achievable as well as beneficial for those with FM. We also tell you why those same Fibromyalgia exercises may not always be suited to everyone.

We will cover exercise for Fibromyalgia, from the utmost mild to the more ambitious and even full contact sports/ exercises.  All information comes from first hand experiences and research to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you think it’s right for you

Keeping An Open Mind

When you read these pages though, just keep an open mind. Don’t knock it, if at this moment in time you can’t do it. Just remember that there is no set definition for FM. Everyone has different pain tolerances, different symptoms and different capabilities.

But if there is one thing that you should really try to put at the forefront of your mind, despite any setbacks is that exercise is it’s own form of Fibromyalgia therapy. And no matter the differences that come with FM, the right type of exercise will offer benefit to everyone.

So even if you’re sitting there thinking… but do I really have to exercise? Well…  the answer is yes!

If you want to take back control of your life, improve your pain levels, and give your body the chance to work and support itself as it was meant to do…then yes… you really, really do!

Pilates For Fibromyalgia

Pilates for Fibromyalgia is a great exercise choice. It’s gentle, non-impact, and full of exercises designed to condition the body and improve overall musculoskeletal health. One of the great advantages of Pilates Fibromyalgia exercises, is that they target specific muscle groups and builds them back up, helping to alleviate neck pain, shoulder and back pain to name just a few.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics exercises are a proven way to effectively improve Fibro symptoms. They are considered one of the easiest and mildest forms of exercise for Fibromyalgia.  And due to their gentle nature, can even help you to get over any fears associated with exercise and FMS.

But exercising in water is not all about work, it’s also about fun too. Water aerobics is often quite the social gathering, offering fun interactive classes that aren’t just for the oldies. Learn more about Water Aerobics Exercises for Fibromyalgia, and see if it offers you the right environment to get you out of the house and in to the pool!

Yoga For Fibromyalgia

Yoga always attracts quite the Fibro buzz, especially since Hatha yoga has proven benefits for managing Fibro symptoms.  Some of them include promoting relaxation by decreasing activity of the sympathetic nervous system,  the decrease of stress on the musculoskeletal system and even an improvement in the symptoms of IBS.

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