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Finding the Right Alzheimers Care Facility for Your Loved One

No one likes to think that they will put their loved one in a nursing home one day. Unfortunately, most Alzheimers patients eventually will need to be placed in an Alzheimers care facility. Because Alzheimers disease robs a person of his or her ability to handle everyday activities, often families will find they cannot care for their loved one at home. It is usually during the later stages of the disease when patients lose their ability to handle dress themselves, feed themselves and need help going to the bathroom that an Alzheimers care facility is considered by families.

Once your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimers, you should begin planning their move into an Alzheimers care facility. There are several things to know when looking at an Alzheimers care facility. You should know how they care for Alzheimers patients and how much experience they have had in dealing with patients suffering from the disease. Do they separate Alzheimers patients from the rest of the population?

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Some Alzheimers care facilities specialize in treating Alzheimers patients. What are the advantages of this type of Alzheimer’s care facility over a more traditional nursing home or assisted living facility?

You should anticipate how you will pay for the Alzheimers care facility. Some long-term insurance polices will cover a stay in an Alzheimers care facility. Some private insurance companies may cover this expense as well. Many people have set aside funds should they need long-term care and that money is available for the family‘s to pay for the Alzheimer‘s care facility.

There are several types of Alzheimers care facilities. You and your loved one’s physician can discuss which Alzheimers care facility will best suit the needs of the Alzheimers patient.

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Assisted living facilities provide housing, meals, health care and support for Alzheimers patients. This type of Alzheimers care facility is also called board and care, adult living and supported care. Many Alzheimers patients live in this type of Alzheimers care facility after moving out of their home. This type of Alzheimers care facility is often a suitable alternative to a nursing home for Alzheimers patients who can still perform some day to day activities.  An assisted living facility is not regulated by the federal government.

Nursing homes are the most well-known type of Alzheimers care facility. Nursing home patients require constant care and supervision. Nutrition, recreation, medical care and spirituality are handled at this type of Alzheimers care facility. Nursing homes are regulated by the federal government and may also be subject to state licenses as well.

Some patients want an Alzheimers care facility that is targeted to their needs. An Alzheimers special care unit may be found in a nursing home or hospital setting where Alzheimers patients live within a unit. Treatment at these Alzheimers care facilities focuses on the needs of Alzheimers patients.

If you are unsure as to what kind of Alzheimers care facility your loved one needs, the Alzheimers Association has an online guide. CareFinder (  helps families chose the best Alzheimers care facility. CareFinder teaches families how to seek local support. It also guides families as to how to pay for the Alzheimers care facility.

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