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Frequently Asked Questions about Spine Surgery

When should I consider spine surgery?

Back pain is very common and sometimes, usual medications such as ice and heat packs, massages, and anti-inflammatory medications may give better results than the actual surgery. Only a small percentage of back pains are pushed through with spine surgery.

Back surgery may be needed for severe back pains that cause numbness in the leg, for spine injuries such as damaged spinal columns, for unstable spines caused by osteoporosis, and for back pains that persist even after certain measures are observed. Specific cases such as scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, radiculopathy, and degenerative disk disease may also proceed with spine surgery.

What are the causes of back pain?

It is important to remember that back pains are not the diagnosis itself. Back pains are just symptoms of a diagnosis. Some of the most common causes of back pains are injuries such as spine fractures and sprains, acquired conditions such as scoliosis, arthritis, kidney stones, and others, and infections such as osteomyelitis.

How quick can I recover from spine surgery?

Recovery differs from one person to another. Patients can return to their normal activities six weeks after the spine surgery but for some, it may take longer. Each surgeon has their own recommended time of recovery but following his or her instructions may definitely make the recovery time faster. Twisting and bending too much in the first month after the surgery may cause complications and may eventually slow down your recovery process. Also, it is advised to participate in physical therapy to have safe way to recovery.

Do I have to wear braces after the surgery?

Wearing braces depend upon the procedure that will be done to you and the advice of your doctor. Braces serve as provisions of comfort to the patients after a spine surgery. Before, heavy plasters are used to help with the recovery of a patient but now braces are widely popular to patients who had undergone spine surgery. Some surgeries require the use of braces to have a successful spine surgery.

Some patients may feel uncomfortable using braces but they are important in the healing process since they immobilize and support the spine. They also avoid the spine from getting deformed during the healing process.

What are the preparations needed to be done before spine surgery?

If you have to undergo spine surgery, there are a handful of things you have to prepare to be ready. It is a beneficial thing to have you home ready after you have your surgery. First, let your frequently used items in your reach. Undergoing spine surgery will require you to avoid too much bending and flexing so it is a must to keep your keys, cards, and other daily things within your reach. You may also have someone by your side during the time of recovery to help you. Second, have slip-ons footwear ready. You are going to be advised not to bend so tying shoelaces are a no-no. Finally, have you meals ready beforehand. Too many activities may put strain in your back which can have a negative effect in your recovery.

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