Parkinson's Disease

Handling the Stress that Comes with PD

Discovering you have PD can be overwhelming. Many people who suffer from this disease often struggle with stress issues.

Stress is what you feel when you have to deal with more than you are used to. When you are stressed, your body reacts as though you are in danger. It produces hormones that speed up your heart rate, cause you to breathe faster, and give you a surge of energy. This is referred to as the fight-or-flight stress response.

Parkinsons and Depression

Some stress is normal and can be beneficial. Stress can help if you need to complete a job or react quickly. But if stress occurs too often or sticks around too long, it can have negative effects. Stress can cause headaches, an upset stomach, back pain, and sleeping difficulties. It can weaken your immune system, making it difficult to fight off disease. If you already have a health problem, stress may add to the problem making it worse. Stress can cause moodiness, tension, and even depression. Your relationships may suffer, and you may not do well at work or school as a result of stress in your life.

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The good news is that you can learn ways to cope with your stress. To keep stress under control:

* Look for ways to decrease the amount of stress in your life.

* Learn healthy ways to get rid of stress and reduce its damaging effects.

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