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Health Benefits Of Sauna

Millions of people, all around the world, enjoy using sauna rooms on weekly or even daily basis, without really understanding their full benefits. Saunas and steam baths are a fantastic way to relax yourself, both mentally and physically, loosen up the tension and clear your mind.

“Sauna room routine” may vary but it comes down to this: get a hot room (up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit), find a place to sit and relax and cleanse both your body and your mind of worry and tension for 10-20 minutes. After that, take a shower (some prefer a swimming pool or even a lake, depending on your location), get some rest and repeat the process.

Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna

Now that we covered some of the basics, we can talk more about the health benefits of sauna.

Body Cleanse

One of the major benefits of sauna is its ability to cleanse our body. Do you know what is the largest organ in our body? The answer is – the skin. And through skin by sweating, our body is filtering out harmful toxins and waste. As much as 30% of all harmful waste is filtered out through the skin.

Young woman relaxing in hammam or turkish bath
Turkish Hamam

So, the time spent in the steam saunas will not only promote sweating, it will also open up your pores, “flushing” out unwanted and harmful impurities.

Muscle and Joint Relaxation

Heat does wonders for our body! It will loosen up the joints, relax your muscles and, if applied long enough, it will even help ease the pain for arthritis sufferers.

Infusion in the sauna

Your blood vessels will also reap benefits, becoming more flexible, boosting circulation and accelerating the natural healing capabilities of our body. Increased blood flow will carry more nutrients, soothe pain and aches and make your immune system stronger.

Physical Exercise

No, I`m not saying you need to get up and do jumping jacks while in the sauna room. The heat itself will speed up your heart rate by a whopping 60-70%, so your body will be “fooled” into thinking that you are exercising. And, as a result, your metabolic rate will also increase and create an exercise like state.

The effects will not be as massive as those compared to demanding physical activity, such as running or weight lifting, it will resemble more to a brisk walk around the block. But hey, any exercise is good exercise!

Benefits of Sauna as a Stress Relief

Let`s face it, stress has become so “normal” we don’t even think of it as something we should protect ourselves from. I see many friends and people I work with accepting stress as a part of their life.

Beautiful young woman in sauna

This is one of the main reasons I am writing this article today, to show people that sauna is just another weapon in our “stress fighting arsenal”! You must not come to terms with stress, you must fight it with all you`ve got, don’t let it control your life and make you miserable. Numerous studies have shown that stress can show both mental and physical manifestations; negative manifestation, of course.

So do me a favor next time you walk into a sauna, when you close that door, don’t just close the door to the sauna room, close the door to the world; forget all worries and misfortunes that await you outside. Think of nothing, just let the relaxing heat take you away, far away from the worries of the world!

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