Spinal Stenosis

How Cervical Stenosis Can Be Treated

Spine surgery specialists will often seek noninvasive measures when possible to treat spinal problems. When these conservative methods fail to successfully alleviate the patient’s pain and other symptoms, minimally invasive spine surgery is an effective alternate solution. Cervical stenosis is a condition that often necessitates spine surgery.

Cervical spinal stenosis

What is cervical stenosis?

Cervical stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column in the upper region of the back and neck. This narrowing can be due to any number of factors.

Often, a herniated disc may put abnormal pressure on the spinal column. Under some circumstances, bone growths or vertebrae injuries may likewise apply unnatural force against the spine and surrounding nerves. When this occurs, the patient may experience extreme discomfort, numbness, prickly sensation, limited flexibility, and even incontinence.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis

How can a spine surgeon treat cervical stenosis?

A spine surgeon can greatly diminish or eliminate the symptoms of cervical stenosis with minimally invasive spine surgery. During this procedure, the spine surgeon will alleviate the pressure on the spine by opening up the spinal column. Often, this is done by removing sections of vertebrae and then fusing the remaining bone for added back support.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

What are the benefits of spine surgery for cervical stenosis?

In the vast majority of cases, the symptoms of cervical stenosis will continue to intensify over time. Early diagnoses may warrant more conservative treatment methods, but only spine surgery can offer permanent results for patients. By administering spine surgery, a spine surgeon can both reduce the pressure put upon the spine and potentially eliminate the factors contributing to the condition, such as broken vertebrae fragments or herniated discs. If you have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis, don’t wait for your symptoms to become more pronounced. Consult with a spine surgeon about your eligibility for minimally invasive spine surgery.


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