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How the Wrong Mattress Can Contribute To Back Pain

Many people blame back pain on their office chair or having a manual job but your mattress has a direct impact on the condition of your back. Around 80% of us will have back pain at some point in our lives. Most of the time back pain isn’t due to a health issue but the culprit could by your mattress.

As you sleep it’s your body’s opportunity to fully recuperate and relax muscles and joints. Sleep gives our bodies the chance to completely rest. However a un firm mattress will give the spine uneven support and put strain on the alignment of your spine, causing bad posture and aches and pains. If you have an existing back problem it can be worsened by a poor mattress. An old mattress which is sagging in the middle can mean that your body weight is not being evenly distributed across the mattress which will cause pain in the neck and back. It is advised that we change our mattress every 7 years any longer than this and it will be detrimental to our backs.

Man is waking up in the morning. He is having backache.

A mattress which is uncomfortable may cause a person to awaken more frequently or may cause you to have a disturbed light sleep. Disturbed sleep isn’t as restorative and can mean that your back never recovers from pain. Sleep is vital for recuperation and the Edinburgh sleep center says that “if we all treated ourselves to a new bed, we would get an extra 42 minutes shut eye per night”.

Which Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?

When it comes to choosing a mattress to relieve the pressure on your back, it’s vital to find a mattress which is right for you. Cheaper isn’t always better and it’s important you find a mattress which you need, not what is on offer.

The firmness can make such a difference. Sleeping on a mattress which is too firm can cause aches and pains. In a study by the University of Oklahoma it was found that  medium-firm may be more comfortable because it allows the shoulder and hips to sink slightly.

good posture in bed

If you suffer with back pain you may also want to consider a “non-turn” mattress. Most need to be turned over every 3 months but this mattress is designed to have a single sleeping side so it never needs to be turned over.

Right and wrong position spine on different mattresses

A memory foam mattress helps to relieve pressure points by reacting with body heat to create a protective mould which contours the body and eases any pressure. This mattress is ideal for people who have manual jobs where they put a lot of pressure on their joints and muscles. It allows the body to fully relax and for the weight to be lifted off the body.

If you’re sharing a bed it’s important to have a mattress which supports both of you without compromise. The pocket spring mattress has individually created springs which work in isolation, giving you individual support at the same time. With this one there is no “roll together”. It’s useful for when you and your partner have differing weights. Ultimately ensure the bed is long enough and wide enough to sleep you and your partner.

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