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How to heal a herniated disc naturally ?

Our spine is made up of vertebrae and there are special parts like tiles gelatinous structure between them.

doctor showing x-ray of spine to senior man at hospital

These are the discs, whose role is to protect the spinal cord from outside influences, which could cause damage.

Skeleton Intervertebral disc

However, those disks during our life are damaging, and can slip out of its normal position in the intervertebral disc displacement.

Spinal cord schematic diagram

Then this disc put pressure on the surrounding nerves, causing pain, and this condition is known as spinal disc herniation.

What is a herniated disc

What are the causes of spinal disc herniation?

Spinal disc herniation in most cases occurs as a result of various degenerative changes in the spine, and a lot less is caused by some severe injuries.

stages of disc degeneration

In the second case is often associated with a dislocation of the vertebrae or complex fractures.

It is known that is increasing the pressure on the discs when we are standing, while if we are leaning, sit or rest lying down, we significantly are reducing that pressure.

Therefore, states that manual workers often suffer from this disease, because they are constantly exposed to these pressures.

Besides them, obese people have less exercise, smokers and people who have improper posture also belong to this risk group.

This disease can also occur and due to arteriosclerosis and frequent injuries if the discs due overburdening.

Straining and lifting heavier loads, when the spine is bent almost always is damaging the disc, and often comes to cracking of fibrous part.

Then a fine mesh splits inside fibrous part and it`s coming to a loss of water in the softcore.

In this case is decreasing the resistance of the discs on any pressure.

When you have arteriosclerosis this vertebral disc is particularly sensitive.

It reduces the amount of water within it, fibrous part is torn and it moves from its position.

The first symptom is a nerve entrapment because spinal disc herniation squeezes all the surrounding tissues.

Problems are sure worsening with age because the disc functions are weakening through years, the spine is no longer elastic and flexible as possible, and can be easily damaged.

What are the symptoms of spinal disc herniation?

Although there is cervical and thoracic spinal disc herniation, a slipped disk in 90 percent of cases occur in the lower back and this is due to injury or improper lifting.

MRI of Thoracic spine MRI
MRI of Thoracic spine MRI

In this case, you have a sharp pain in the lumbar region, which spreads down to one leg all the way to the foot, but can also occur and dull pain, whose intensity is slowly increasing.

The pain is stronger at night, after prolonged standing or sitting, or even longer walks, but can increase during sneezing, coughing or laughing. With increased physical activity their intensity is also increasing, while rest and lying in most cases helps.

Lumbar disc herniation is rarely manifested through a pain in the feet followed by weakness so that patients can walk on his toes or heels.

Lumbar disc herniation on MRI

In the most severe forms leads to an inability to control urination, potency and both feet fall down.

On the other hand, a slipped disc in the neck is identified by pain in the neck, which can be spread along the shoulders, arms, and fingers, but can occur and numbness or tingling hands.

Chronic Neck Pain

What makes spinal disc herniation of a cervical spine characteristic is that the symptoms can be quite different. Therefore, if the vertebral disc moved towards to the central part of the spine, there is a weakness in the legs (caused by pressure on the spinal cord).

On the other hand, if there has been a shift to the side of the spinal canal, there are pains in the neck, weakness in the arms accompanied by numbness.

Spinal disc herniation can be treated in a natural way !

Natural healing of spinal disc herniation

Tincture of St. John’s wort relieves pain

It`s preparing with half a liter of alcohol poured over 100 grams of leaf and flower of St. John’s wort. Allow to stand in a dark place one week, and then strain it.

St. John’s wort
St. John’s wort

Every night before bedtime lubricates painful spot with this tincture.

Tincture of garlic

Mash 500 grams of garlic in a blender and add 1 cup of alcohol.

Allow to stand in a dark place one week, and then strain it.

Then use the tincture in the same way as a tincture of St. John’s wort, except that before applying the tincture, the affected area should be coated with natural oil.

NOTE: Spinal disc herniation by using these two natural treatments cannot be cured, but they certainly help to mitigate the problems and perfect as prevention.

Use bristles and birch

Besides tincture, it can be used a hyperici herbal tea, in combination with the five plants.

A mix of 1 tablespoon of crushed leaves and 1 tablespoon of a crushed flower of St. John’s wort, finely crushed leaf and flower of bristles, birch leaf, sage leaf, overground parts of juniper.

Put all ingredients in a liter of boiling water, and let stay covered for an hour and a half

Strain the mixture, sweeten with honey and drink during the day.

Mint and wormwood relieve pain

Mix 1 tablespoon of mint, 1 tablespoon of wormwood, 1 tablespoon of yarrow and leaves of blackberries.

Pour into 2 l of water and boil them for 5 minutes.

Leave covered tea for two hours, then strain the mixture and drink one cup three times a day before and after meals no longer than 10 days.

Natural remedy for herniated disc of aloe vera and comfrey

In the meat grinder grind 200 grams of comfrey root.

Add 200 g of honey and 50 ml of fresh aloe vera juice.

fresh aloe vera

Mix all ingredients well and keep it in the refrigerator.

Take 1 tablespoon of this mixture every morning on an empty stomach.

This natural remedy for spinal disc herniation is used two weeks continuously, then to do a two-week break and repeat the treatment if necessary.

On the other hand, it can be used comfrey leaves for a healing bath.

Take 170 grams of dried comfrey leaves and cover them with 5 l of water.

After 12 hours strain the mixture and add the mixture in the prepared bath.

Nettle stings but heal

Although nettle stings, this herb effectively removes the pain that causes cervical and lumbar disc herniation.

It is enough to “whip” sore spot with freshly harvested plant – not only what you will quickly feel relief, but improve circulation.

fresh and dry Nettles

The same effect has only picked nettle leaves that are placed on the sore spot, which is then wrapped with a cloth.

But if you don’t want so radical methods, it can help you and nettle tincture.

It is made by the 2 tablespoons of dried and chopped root of nettles poured with half a liter of alcohol.

Allow standing in a dark place one week, strain and massage painful area every day with obtained tincture.

On the other hand, mint can be used as a tea or in combination with horsetail.

Mix equal quantities of these herbs and put one tablespoon of the mixture in a cup of boiling water.

Once is cooled, strain and drink 1 cup in the morning and evening.

White willow as an ally of the pain in the spine

Tea made from the bark of the white willow can alleviate the pain that causes lumbar disc herniation because this plant has a similar structure to aspirin.

Bark of White Willow for lower back pain

The potion is made on this way:

2 tablespoons bark of the white willow cooks in boiling water for 10 minutes.

After tea sits aside for half an hour, strain and drink throughout the day in small sips, but not before consulting with your doctor, especially if you are taking drugs that promote blood clotting.

Juniper, chamomile and olive oil can help

Tincture of juniper can help to ease the pain.

Squash 2 handfuls of dried fruits and pour them in a 1l of alcohol and leave in a warm and bright place for 20 days, with daily shaking.

Strain the tincture and use it for lubrication of painful places several times a day.

In addition, it can be used chamomile and olive oil.

100 grams of chamomile flowers pour with 1 l of olive oil and heat to steam 2 hours. Strain the mixture, soak gauze in the mixture and put the wrap in a painful place.

How to fix a herniated disc naturally ?

Wraps with herbs can alleviate problems caused by this painful disease.

We have prepared these proven recipes:

1. Mix the 100 grams of sage leaves, 50 grams of horsetail, 50 grams mint leaves and 50 grams of chamomile flowers.

Four tablespoons of mixture pour with boiling water – just enough water to cover the plant.

After a few minutes, strain and put the mixture on gauze or cotton cloth.

Wrap the painful place and keep it for 1 hour, every night before bed.

2. It can be used and the lining of potatoes:

Larger potatoes cut into slices, put them on the painful spot and fix with a bandage.

Keep on the painful spot at least three hours, preferably before bedtime.

3. Outstanding National recipe

– During three nights, three hours before bedtime massage the painful spot – the first two minutes massage with a hot brandy, and then four minutes with a pork grease.

– After that, put a mixture of grated black radish and grated horseradish root, at a ratio of 2: 1.

– Cover with a clean cloth and a small pillow and keep the mixture for one hour.

– Then lubricate the painful area with oil and cover with a woolen cloth.

– During the radish and horseradish therapy, you should drink a tea made from the 1 tablespoon of finely crushed rosemary leaves, 1 tablespoon of leaves and flowers of St. John’s wort, 1 tablespoon of birch leaves, 1 tablespoon of flower of elderberry, 1 tablespoon of leaves and flowers of milfoil and needle pine leaves.

– The mixture should be poured into 1.2 liters of boiling water, and allow to stand for 2 hours, then strain and sweeten to your taste with honey

Drink 2 dl before and after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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