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How to Manage Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Physical ache is an inevitable part of life. The body may experience different types of pain which are mostly caused by daily physical activities. Depending on the intensity of your physical activities, you may experience it more frequently than others.

One of the most common body aches experienced by physically active people is the pain between shoulder blades. This is probably the reason why you’re on this page right now. You might be thinking the exact thing: “how can I get rid of it?” You will discover that there are a lot of ways available to ease the burden on your shoulder blades.

Shoulder Blade Scapula
Shoulder Blade(Scapula)

Before moving on with the available remedies, you might be internally asking yourself this question: “what causes this pain between my shoulder blades?” It is important for you to know these things so you could avoid them as much as possible.

The Main Cause

The main causes of shoulder blade ache are the following:

  • Inflammation of tissues – Tissues becomes inflamed due to a number of reasons. It can be caused by a disease or injury. When the tissues around the shoulder blades are not in a proper condition, the immediate result is shoulder blade pain.
shoulder Capsulitis
  • Strained muscles – The scapula region (shoulder blade area) is surrounded by muscles. Strained muscles therefore are a huge contributor to shoulder blade ache. Muscles become strained due to heavy and intense physical activities.
  • Dislocated joints – This can be a major cause for shoulder blade pain. The area around the shoulder is surrounded by joints, and therefore can be very nasty in case of joint dislocation.
  • Severe trauma – Severe trauma to the shoulder blade area is sure to cause extreme pain. This usually occurs after an injury or accident.

Knowing the causes is only helpful as much as prevention is concerned. Surely, that’s not enough because you’re still thinking about what can you do. Here are your options:

Chiropractic treatments are known to heal injuries through spine re-alignment and other exercises. In fact, most of the world’s top athletes are already living proof of its healing effect. It involves naturally putting the right amount of pressure in the right places which sets off nerve pressure as a result. Continuous treatments have been proven to cure injuries and other physical strains.

  • Medication

Undergoing medication is only an option if the cause of your shoulder blade pain is viral or a disease. Otherwise, Chiropractic treatment is recommended because it can address purely physical causes unlike medication.

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