How to test for Osteoarthritis ?

If a health care provider suspects people with osteoarthritis, medical history or physical examination will be performed to determine the signs and symptoms of the disease such as creaking, instability of the affected joint and bone swellings. There is no blood test performed by the doctor for osteoarthritis.

These are hands of a woman that is suffering from Osteoarthritis.


X-rays of the affected joint is most helpful for determine the disease. It may show the changes in the bone such as spurs and the space between the bones narrowing as the cartilage thins. The amount of trouble is not predicted by the X-ray; however it is very useful to diagnosis the disease. The X-rays are not dangerous and may help to show how much joint damage has been done. It can also show such things as bone spurs cartilage loss and bone damage.

Physical examination:

In some cases, physical examination will be performed by the health care providers to determine the osteoarthritis. The patient’s ability to bend, carry out daily living activities and walk, will be observed by the health care providers. The doctor also checks the patient’s overall health. Joints bothering the people with osteoarthritis will be examined, such as muscle strength and checking reflexes.

Clinical history:

Some questions about symptoms of the disease will be asked by the doctor to patients. Communication between the doctor and patients is very necessary to detect the disease. If the people with osteoarthritis gives a well description of stiffness, joint function and pain, a better assessment can given by the doctor. It is very necessary for health care providers to know how the disease is affecting the patient’s daily life and work.

Other tests:

In rare cases, blood tests may be suggested by the doctor to determine the cause of symptoms of the disease. Sometimes, joint aspiration test will be done by the doctor.

If a person who is suffered with osteoarthritis, easy to tell him/ her that he/she has osteoarthritis. The following are helpful to diagnose the disease:

  • Bone problems for obese kids
  • Alternative therapies not satisfactory for this disease
  • Co-morbidities override hypertension

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