Parkinson's Disease

Maintaining Balance with PD…Helpful Tips

* Keep one hand free at all times. Try using a backpack or fanny pack instead of carrying them in your hands. Never carry objects in both hands when walking as this impedes balance.

* Try to swing both arms from front to back while walking. This may involve a conscious effort if Parkinson’s disease has reduced your movement; nevertheless, it will help you to maintain balance, posture, and reduce fatigue.

* Consciously lift your feet off of the ground when walking. Shuffling and dragging your feet could cause you to lose your balance.

* When navigating turns, use a “U” technique of facing forward and making a wide turn, instead of pivoting sharply.

* Try to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your feet close together for any length of time could increase your risk of losing your balance and falling.

* Don’t try to be a multi-tasker-do one thing at a time! Don’t try to walk and accomplish another task, like reading or looking around. The decline in your automatic reflexes thwarts motor function. Less distraction will help prevent falls.

* Stay clear of rubber or gripping soled shoes, they may “catch” on the floor and cause tripping.

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