Herniated Disc

Natural remedies for herniated disc

Since it is an internal injury, a herniated disc needs certain medications prescribed by the doctor, in order to enjoy a complete and rapid recovery. The CT scan that you will have to do at the hospital will be the essential point on which the treatment will evolve around. That is why, right after experiencing symptoms associated with a herniated disc, the first thing that needs to be done is going to the doctor.

In some cases of herniated disc the pain experienced can be greater than in others. This has everything to do with the nerves that the damaged spinal disc, the reason of the condition, compresses. Sometimes only a few nerves are obstructed and the pain is moderate while other times more particular nerves are obstructed and then the pain is infinitely higher. The treatment prescribed by the doctor and the recovery exercises that you will do should be always your main concern. However, in order to ease the pain and to feel more comfortable you can also use some additional methods, all of them being natural and therefore, unable to cause complications by interfering with the doctor´s prescription.

Massage: Usually excellent for relaxing and for relieving back pains, this method is even more efficient and pleasant in this situation. However, you will need a partner to do it for you. If that is not an inconvenient, then consider using a perfumed oil to make the massage easier to perform and bring even more pleasure to the one receiving it.

Massage For Sciatica

Using ice: In those cases when surgery is not considered for a herniated disc, then the compressed nerves that are obstructed by the spinal cord will undoubtedly cause quite some pain for a few weeks. Lying comfortably in bed is one way to reduce the stress in the back and to reduce the pain, yet in some cases it might still not be enough. Therefore, applying ice to the area that hurts the most is a solution that should be considered. Ice is known to numb the area, making most of the pain disappear. Keep a soft towel nearby so you can throw it on your back after you are done with the ice, so it will absorb all the water left on your skin.

sciatica ice pack

Music therapy: This uncommon method has been proved to be able to reduce the mental stress that is associated with chronic pain. Getting a music player near you and a pair of headphones might do you more good than most of the pills that you are taking.

Acupuncture: Still a rather controversial method, acupuncture is considered by many as an ideal solution to relieve back pain. Accordingly, if performed by a professional it might be excellent for patients that suffer from a herniated disc. However, finding someone who really knows how to do acupuncture and bringing him home for a few sessions each week while you are in recovery might be a problem. Also, the cost could be a bit much.

Acupuncture for low back pain

Yoga: After you are able to stand on your feet without anyone else having to support you, you can also try Yoga. If you already practice it then you probably already know that it represents an excellent way to relieve your spinal cord of pressure. Otherwise it would be a rather bad idea to learn Yoga with a herniated disc.

back pain yoga poses

Prolotherapy: This should be used after the actual recovery. It involves injecting a special liquid in ligaments and tendons triggering a natural response of the body that heals completely some of the structures around the damaged area, structures that otherwise are thought to never heal. For some, Prolotherapy had excellent results while others simply consider it a waste of time and resources.

Balneotherapy: As an ancient method of relieving stress and treating muscle conditions, this method involves baths in warm water. Sometimes special salts that are believed to have special healing qualities are added. Overall very relaxing and pleasant, this method is available in some medical establishments. The cost of such a treatment is well worth it.

balneotherapy for herniated disc

Natural remedies have their benefits

Keep in mind that these natural remedies should not be considered primary methods of healing a herniated disc, but auxiliary methods that can speed up the recovery process and help relieve the pain. Also, once using one of these natural treatments it is recommended to stick with it until you are healed, rather than trying them all. Using one of these remedies a couple of times each week until you are completely healed can be enough, but sticking with them even after the herniated disc is repaired can be healthy both for your mind and body.

When it comes to a herniated disc, the natural remedies available are affordable and go excellently with the prescription of the doctor.

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