6 Natural Treatments For Sciatic Nerve Pain

If you wake up in the morning with pain from the upper part of your hip to your feet, if you have pain from the lower back that doesn’t go away, you can say that you are trying to cope with sciatic nerve pain. In short, this pain, also called sciatica, causes severe pain, especially in the lower back of the waist and legs, but this pain also continues to spread down the body.

At first, discomfort comes and goes from time to time, but since it isn’t clear when it will come and go, it can ruin your entire day. If we consider that the sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the body, we see that we should not miss it. But some solutions improve the health of the vertebrae and are suitable for sciatic nerve pain.

Let’s take a look at these solutions that you can get naturally!

Natural Treatments For Sciatic Nerve Pain

It is necessary to get support from a professional in the treatment of this pain. Because it should be discovered what is the factor that damages the sciatic nerve. Some doctors prefer to use muscle relaxants, but physical therapy seems to be making significant improvements. Here are natural treatment methods for sciatic nerve pain:

Chiropractor Spine Corrections

There are many different types of a herniated disc, and some cause more pain on the nerves than others. Especially in lumbar hernias, which cause severe pain, damage occurs outside the vertebral discs. Therefore, the tissues that should stand inside come out. This vertebral tissue can be separated from the disc, or the disc tissue can enter the vertebral canal. A chiropractor can help you realign the discs after your doctor diagnosed the disease and done the necessary research. In this way, the treatment of the disorder is carried out directly with physical therapy.

Chiropractic treatment

Yoga and Stretching Movements

Acting in some ways increases sciatica pain, but it allows the pain to disappear in some ways. In some people, sitting causes sciatica pain, while in others, standing for a long time or constantly moving can cause pain. Usually, the pain becomes worse in positions where the vertebrae need to be shortened, the legs need to be raised, and the knees are broken.

Yoga For Back Pain

On the other hand, yawning movements in yoga extend the spine and allow you to gain good posture. In this way, stiffness, inflammation, and pain in the spine disappear or decrease.

Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

Many people have heard of Acupuncture treatment. But few have done it or mastered its content. This treatment, which is part of traditional Chinese medicine, aims to open up the body’s own energy flow pathways and use tiny needles that don’t cause any pain. Acupuncture, approved by the U.S. Health Agency, to be good for lower back and back pain, is also very effective for chronic pain such as sciatica.

Don’t Sit Too Long, Move!

Unfortunately, sitting for hours, modeling, and watching TV increases the risk of disc slippage, causing lower back pain. Many sciatica treatments use exercises that have a purpose. Thanks to this light isometric exercise and stretching, your strength increases, and the pain in your legs and vertebrae decreases. Instead of sitting at first, you can take short walks, climb stairs and increase your walking distance every day. It will also be helpful to change your sitting position from time to time.

Use Hot Water Bags

Hot water bags or warm-up pads can reduce pain when applied to the waist area. You’ll benefit from using them for half an hour a day. Those who don’t want to use bags or pads can also take a hot bath because hot relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation. Some people note that cold, rather than desirable, is better for pain, and therefore if the heat doesn’t help, you can also evaluate the ice placed in cheesecloth.

Reduce Inflammations

Ten percent of those with lower back pain have sciatica pain, but some may also have some special conditions that increase this risk. These can include aging, too long stature, intense stress, being overweight, sitting for long periods, smoking, and being exposed to vibration in vehicles for too long.

These risk factors increase inflammation and, as a result, make a recovery difficult. To avoid this, you should have a healthy eating pattern, quit smoking, sleep well, and exercise.

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