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Prevent Back Pain – 5 Stretches Before Getting Out of Bed

Many people find it hard to wake up for the day. After stopping the snoozes of the alarm clock, they would still hang on to their beds for at least five more minutes to the time when they are almost late—or really late. One of the best ways to wake these non-morning people up is to have them stretch their arms and legs. In this article, we will share five morning stretches you can do before jumping out of your cozy bed.

Stretching does not only wake up you but it is also beneficial to your health. This “stretching” does not only pertain to the usual act of putting your arms up to your bed’s headboard and yawning wide. Rather, this stretching we’re talking about should be all-encompassing. Benefits include efficient pumping of your blood to get to your heart that makes you feel more awake. Stretching can also help to prevent back pain.

The Stretches

1. Back Stretch: Cobra Pose

Do a little arch on your back either facing front or down onto the bed. If you know yoga, the best thing is to perform a cobra pose and hold your breath for 8 counts before releasing. This posture helps your spine become more flexible and encourages your chest to open. The cobra pose as well stimulates your digestive and reproductive systems and strengthens your lungs. In addition to invigorating internal organs, it strengthens your back and abdominal muscles at the same time.

Attractive Asian woman practice yoga Cobra pose to meditation in bedroom after wake up in the morning

2. Shoulders Stretch

While laying down, drag your arms up with your fingers interlaced. If your headboard is too close that you can’t stretch fully, consider going down a bit. Then reach your utmost left followed by your utmost right sides. Nod your head down for about 8 counts and do the same with the left and the right. You can do this several times until you feel you’re ready to rise and shine.

3. Erector Spinae (Low Back) Stretch

The erector spinae stretch sounds a bit technical but it’s simply stretching with your legs for your lower back. First, bring your knees to your chest then raise one of your legs to the air while holding the other one behind. Alternately do this for about 12 repetitions and relax.

Erector Spinae

4. Spinal Twist

Don’t be scared by the name. We are not really twisting the spinal cord but just aim to relieve stress in your lower back. To do a spinal twist, face either your left or right side and fold your leg opposite to the direction of your body with the help of your hand. Do the same with the other side and pause every 30 seconds. If you hear some cracks in your spine, don’t worry. This only shows that your spine wrings itself out after several hours of sleep.

Spinal Twist

5. Half Bridge

A full bridge is when you let out your hands with palms upward and elongate your spine forming like a ‘U’ position of your whole body. A half bridge is when you just hold your torso down and just move your body from waist down. Your hands support the other half of your body by pressing the mattress by your sides. Hold this position for 10 counts.

It’s challenging to transform yourself immediately from a non-morning person to a morning person. But doing these five stretches can help you overcome your sleepiness and laziness while at bed. They are easy to remember and easy to do. Your eyes may remain closed, and you can do these exercises and take the shot.

Not only will you feel awake, but you will also feel that there’s an improvement in your well-being as you get your muscles their first chance of the day to get going. Also, stretching particularly eases your back pain which you experience after several hours of sitting at work. So stretch away and have a great morning every day!

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