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Recovery from Spine Surgery

Choosing to undergo surgery is a difficult decision to make. But when a patient finally decides to go for spine surgery – one of the challenges he or she should face is the recovery process. Recovering from spine surgery can be different from one person to another. One has to be mindful of his or her action and the instructions of his or her surgeon to be able to recover well and fast. A patient should religiously follow his surgeon’s directives, take every prescription on time.

Here are some guidelines which can help patients in making recovery from their spine surgery faster.

Avoid twisting and bending

Do not twist your spine. Always keep in mind that you are still recovering from a spine surgery. If you are turn, instead of twisting your spine, move your whole body to turn. It is also ill-advised to bend your waist when picking up things from the floor. If you are to do so, let you knees bend when lowering your body. Braces will be provided as advised by your doctor and therapists may accompany you for better recovery.

In relation to this, lifting is also prohibited. It is not recommended to lift things heavier than 10 pounds – meaning no lifting of children, laundry basket, grocery bags, heavy file cases and such.

Use ice or heat packs for the pain

In managing pain after your spine surgery, you may use ice packs and hot compresses to relieve the pain. Applying heat packs may help in decreasing tension in the muscles and reduce the pain. Ice packs are also noted as a good reliever of pain two days after a back surgery. Alternatives to ice packs such as plastic bags filled with ice works – application should be every 1-2 hours.

ice or heat packs for the pain

Proper sleeping position should be followed

Sleeping helps in having a speedier recovery but there are certain sleeping positions that are not allowed after spine surgery. Lying on your flat stomach is a big restriction and should always be avoided. One of the best sleeping positions is sleeping in your back with a pillow underneath the back of your knees. It is also admissible to sleep on your side with a pillow between your bent knees. Avoid lifting your arms to your neck and head because this puts excessive stress on your back.

after surgery sleep position

Participate in rehabilitation

To fully enjoy the results of surgery, you must actively participate with therapy sessions your doctor may require. Exercise and stretching can effectively help in speeding the recovery process. In addition to this, exercise and stretching can help put you in a better mood. In post-operative sessions, safe stretches and proper exercise will be taught. Moving let blood circulate around the body – delivering more nutrients.

Aside from this, you should also do exercises your doctor may recommend in your home. It is also advised for patients to focus on walking.

Ask your doctor

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor any questions you have in mind. It is also recommended to contact your doctor as soon as any unusual pain occurs. Ask about the restrictions in diet, moving, working, and other daily activities you should now be mindful of.

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