Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki healing therapy is a beautiful alternative healing technique. It is an ancient spiritually guided energy treatment that uses a very gentle touch to balance energies in the body while promoting relaxation. 

It is a full encompassing therapy that addresses the physical, emotional, mental and also the spiritual aspects of our beings. It recognizes that we all l need to be loved, respected and sometimes healed. And works to mend and nourish with its very gentle and nurturing touch.

Why Reiki For Fibromyalgia?

It’s for all these reasons that Reiki can be beneficial for treating Fibromyalgia.  Especially as it’s so gentle, but also because when living with Fibro, sometimes all our energy goes in to focusing on treating just one or two aspects of ourselves, with the most common being the physical. 

And sometimes what we really need is a boost, or need to feel love or compassion in all aspects of our being. And one of the great advantages of Fibromyalgia Reiki is that it allows healing in all these areas, without having to extensively open up to reveal secrets, events or trauma from the past. Or suffer through long and painful therapy sessions to get to the root of a deep emotional sadness.

This is because Reiki healing therapy is not like other Fibromyalgia treatments. Its purpose is to clear stress, release blockages and negative thought patterns, so that the body is lighter, more focused and able to naturally heal itself. It is a healing treatment that calms and soothes the senses and can restore your overall feelings of wellbeing.

How Does Reiki Healing Therapy Work?

Reiki has these beneficial affects on the body is at works by transferring healing energy in to the energy force of a recipient’s body. 

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force. It focuses on the seven main energy centers, or life force, which are the body’s chakras. Reiki healers believe that the energy should flow freely through the chakras in order to be spiritually, physically and mentally healthy and so transfer healing energy to any area of the body that they feel a blockage.

There is also a belief in the spirituality community that any part of the body that is experiencing pain is the body’s way of trying to communicate that it needs attention and love. Reiki healing therapy addresses this by unblocking stagnant energy held in the body and its muscles and rebalances physical energies with the emotional, to reenergize the body. 

Why Can Reiki Be Especially Beneficial For Fibromyalgia?

On a physical level Fibromyalgia and Reiki is well known for improving:

  • Muscle Tension
  • Relieving Pain
  • Speeding Healing
  • Improving Sleep

However, there is another reason why Reiki healing therapy can be particularly beneficial for Fibromyalgia… and that’s because it can give some of your power back.

So many times Fibro can make you feel as if you have lost all your power. And not just your physical strength, your emotional power as well.  Like a huge black cloud is hanging over you and has drained all your energy and depleted all your back up resources.

When you are running on empty, your energy source needs to be refuelled. 

And that is exactly what healing with Reiki does. It’s like plugging you in to an energy source, or like getting an energy bath, that invigorates but also leaves a lovely sense of relaxation and calm. 

Feelings Of:

  • Chaos
  • Burnout
  • Grief
  • Despair
  • Hopelessness 

Are all common emotions as a result of Fibromyalgia that coexist with related physical pains, that present themselves all over the body. And in a lot of cases treating the emotion and senses as Reiki does, can have a great impact on soothing and toning down physical pains too.

What Can You Expect From A Healing Touch Reiki Session?

Just like any other type of Fibromyalgia treatment, a Reiki session will start with a brief consultation.  The healer will likely enquire into your wellbeing and listen with patience, compassion and non-judgment.

From this discussion, the Reiki healer will then set the intention, for the outcome of your healing. 

You will then be asked to lie down on a table for the Reiki healing session will begin. You will remain fully clothed, and your healer will ensure that you are comfortable on the bed, offering support cushions to be placed under the knees, head or feet, or where ever you may require them.

A Reiki session usually always starts with placing the hands very gently on the head. They will then slowly and calmly move their hands over and throughout the body to transfer healing energy. They will concentrate on the chakras, the joints, or wherever they feel your body needs it most. 

A session may also include Reiki healing music which is played in the background to help a recipient further to relax, which in turn can make them more receptacle to healing energy.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

Reiki physical healing can feel different to different people, but most commonly its effects are a lovely warming, nourishing body wide sensation. Or like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you, as healing energy is transferred through your body.

You may feel yourself drift off to a semi sleep state, or enjoy a lovely sense of relaxation as the warming heat from the healer’s hands penetrates through your clothes and invigorates the body.

How To Get The Most Out Of Reiki

Reiki healing therapy is a spiritually guided energy treatment. That means, it’s not black and white, but no treatment holistic or traditional ever really is. 

Sometimes it’s best not to really understand, or think about what may or may not be happening during Reiki or any other Fibromyalgia treatment. What’s really important is to focus on how it is making you feel and if it has a positive and worthwhile effect on you.

Not too many people truly understand how prescription medications break down in the body and the positive and negative effects they have. And not too many people really understand how Cranial Sacral Massage works, or what’s really happening during a spinal manipulation. But if they work, and provide relief then that’s really all you need to know. And Reiki is the same. 

If you are open, and do not go in to a session with the mindset to test, Reiki can touch you on a soul level. If it does, then all the more healing benefit to you. 


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