Scheuermann’s Disease

Scheuermann’s Disease – a form of Osteochondrosis

A. Current theoretical cause – vascular impairment and trauma coupled with a genetic predisposition.

B. Three stages

  1. Avascular necrosis (from vasular impairment)
  2. Acute inflammation in areas of necrosis
  3. Healing and repair 

C. Affects mostly teenage boys. Inflammation in thoracic intervertebral joints, Leads to excessive kyphosis.

D. Treatment:

  1. Maintain mobility
  2. Modalities for pain and inflammation.
  3. Exercises to maintain present thoracic kyphosis; avoid worsening, i.e. thoracic extension exercises.
  4. Thoracic extension orthotic


“I would like to offer a new addition to your site. I am 49 years old and just had surgery (Nov.27) and had 12 vertebres fused and rods attached. My diagnosis was Sheurmann’s Kyphosis. I know this is rare, but I know I am not the only person with it. I would like to help anyone else out there that I can who may have questions. There is very little information on the web.

I live in the Los Angeles area. I went to USC, UCLA and finally found a Dr. at Cedar Sinai Institute of Spinal Disorders. They knew what I had at the first visit, after looking at my MRI. We still went through more tests and I know when the Dr. finally decided on surgery, he consulted a Dr. in Moscow and New York, who have operated on an adult with Scheurmann’s Kyphosis. From what I understand this a disorder that happens to young boys. That is what makes this more unusal.”

Because of my age, MRI’s did not exsist when I was young. I have had symptoms (now that I look back) with my Thorasis back most of my adult years. By the time the pain got so bad mainly in my ribs and then in my back and neurological problems to much damage had already been done. When I first had my MRI 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Syringomyelia, which I do have, but minor, due to the kyphosis. The Sheurmann’s kyphosis, over time, destroyed 5 discs and stretched my spinal cord so tight that the fluid was not pumping and caused blisters and cysts in my spinal cord. To correct the problem they fused T2 to L2 and I have 2-17inch- 1/4 inch round stainless steel rods and all of the hardware to keep it together. I am young for my age(50 in April) and plan on ! recovering and continuing with my life. My husband has MS and we have 3 daughters 19,12 & 7. We have been married 25 years and still are best friends. I have a great support group and have alot to live for.

I have the luxury in the US to have great insurance and the some of the best Dr’s. I know there are people that are not as lucky. I admire people like you who reach out to help everyone with back problems. You do a great service.

Melinda Davis

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