Alzheimer's Disease

Six Physical Categories to Monitor for the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

It is important that family members become and aware of the health of their loved ones if early signs of Alzheimer’s disease are exhibited. To avoid confusion between simple acts of forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s it is important to monitor six categorical early signs of Alzheimer’s. Their increased awareness and detection of early warning signs will allow for a timely diagnosis and treatment of your loved ones.


One of the early signs of Alzheimer’s is forgetfulness. This forgetfulness is caused by the ability of Alzheimer’s disease to destroy brain cells. This destruction results in the loss of memory. These memory lapses or loss could be the names of people and places or the inability to find the right words to express themselves. Although forgetfulness is part of the aging process, Alzheimer’s disease is differentiated based on the speed at which the memory begins to decline.

General Techniques to Improve Memory

In addition early signs of Alzheimer’s may include the forgetting the whereabouts of routinely used items. Additionally early signs of Alzheimer’s could include the storing of items in inappropriate places (shoes in the freezer or rings in the sugar bowl).

Mental Health

Another characteristic in the early signs of Alzheimer’s is depression. Although depression affects the mental health of many individuals it is certainly a good indicator of this disease when coupled with the other early signs of Alzheimer’s.

Senses Additional early signs of Alzheimer’s are the affects clearly seen on the individual’s senses. The sense of smell and the inability to distinguish between odors may be demonstrated. Also, an early sign of hearing loss may be evident as indicated through the loudness of the television, avoiding phone calls and not entering into conversations. Finally, the sense of sight may be affected as revealed through the individual’s inability to recall images or their inability to follow visual instructions or directions.


Extreme mood swings can be an indicator of the early signs of Alzheimer’s. These changes are for no apparent reason and can range from the extreme of being rational to irrational or to complete agitation. Also demonstrated can be the shedding of tears with no foundation.

Dementia sufferer void of recognition when visited by her own son at Regis Aged Care facility in Kirwan


Early signs of Alzheimer’s may be demonstrated in outward actions such as the inappropriateness of dress. This inappropriateness may be demonstrated through the wearing of winter clothing during the hot summer months or vice versa.

Alzheimers Test


Early signs of Alzheimer’s may also include the individual’s helplessness to think clearly. This difficulty may be demonstrated in their inability to perform mathematical functions or other abstract thinking processes.

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