Parkinson's Disease

The Basic Warning Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

As known worldwide, almost every disease comes with an initial warning sign, informing the patient and his loved ones about the presence of the illness. Parkinson’s disease is basically a degenerative disorder with no profound cure so far.

However, the doctors and the patients have to work in accordance to fight the disease at an initial stage so as to stop its progress. It is important for everyone to know about the basic symptoms of this disease in order to recognize the disease so as to prevent it from increasing.


1. Change in Hand-writing:

This is one of the most prominent symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease. The patient’s handwriting slightly changes at first; you would notice the words written on the page are smaller compared to the previous writing style of the patient. The words would be crowded in one place altogether. However, a subtle change in the handwriting is a warning signal of the presence of Parkinson’s disease.

Hand have tremor symptom while writing with a pen

2. Chronic Constipation:

The patient would have issues with his bowel movement and would pass the stools with a lot of strain and effort, which is the result of chronic constipation. The straining problem related to the constipation is one of the initial signs of the Parkinson’s disease. Plus, the probable patient would experience about only 3 bowel movements every week, which worsens the effects of the disease.

3. Loss of Sleep:

In today’s time, most people suffer from insomnia, which is curable to some extent. However, you should be aware of the people around you who are suffering from the loss of sleep. The patient would experience uncontrollable and uncomfortable movements throughout the night, or even in their sleep, which results in fatigue. The frequent occurrence of such nights is something you should worry about.

Older lady suffering from insomnia is trying to sleep

4. Stiffness:

This is a defined symptom which is visible and noticeable by most of the people surrounding the patient. The body would feel stiff as the patient would move and the stiffness would not go away even after a long while. Your arms and legs might not move efficiently as you walk or run. The initial signs also include pain in the shoulders or the hips, or it might be due to the stiffness. The patient experiences trouble with swinging the arms while walking and it becomes hard for the patient to lift his feet off of the ground, as the Parkinson’s disease tends to affect the muscle control.

Muscle Stiffness parkinson

5. Masked Face:

Most of the people would be reporting about the patient’s serious expressions lately. Face masking is another chronic symptom closely linked with this disease. The muscle of the face becomes stiff and frozen, which limits the expressions of the face, resulting in a masked face. The Parkinson’s disease is responsible for the slow movement of muscles.

These are one of the very few basic symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease. Ignoring any or all of these symptoms could lead to serious issues.

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