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The bunion and the heart reflex

Bone issues around the heart reflex and heart chakra can be an indication of a stoic response; the ability or need to continue, no matter what the cost.

 The heart isn’t necessarily about romantic love. It is more about compassion, commitment and giving unconditionally. Bone is associated with structure, restructure, infrastructure, or your support system.

There are many combinations that can result from bone and heart. Connecting them we may find:

  • The heart in relation to the cardiovascular system is the pump that never gives up and only stops at death. It works for the good of the rest of the body. The heart, in this context, can be related to unconditional love, not giving up, trusting that you are on track, counting or not counting the cost of loving others and what you do for others. These areas of life may need to be restructured; the infrastructure (the inner strength) may have broken down and failed, or there is a general feeling of lack of support.
  • The emotions of the heart in relation to TCM are joy, lack of enthusiasm and vitality, mental restlessness, depression, insomnia and despair. In TCM joy, refers to a state of agitation or over-excitement, rather than elation. The heart in this context can be related to the stoic response of existing rather than living with enthusiasm and vitality, or the stoic response needed to stave off despair.
  • The issues of the Heart Chakra are concerned with compassion and gratitude, love, hate, forgiveness, intuitive knowing and self-nurturing. The heart in this context could be associated with a need to restructure your compassion and gratitude; listen to and respond to your intuitive knowing, or consider a different perspective on love, hate and forgiveness (i.e. restructure your approach and how you think about them).

So, bunions could be a result of a need to restructure your commitment to something or someone, or an invitation to take more notice of, and act upon your intuition. They could also be the way your body shows the contained emotions you may have in relation to your giving or commitments – your stoic response when you don’t feel you have a choice. Bone around the heart can shut things out, or keep them in. It can be an indication of coldness and hardness; the loss softness and ability to be pliable.

Which one of your heart issues may need to be restructured? Has your infrastructure collapsed, leaving you with trust issues? Are you existing through something, rather than opening to its higher meaning?

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