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The Effects of Forward Head Posture

Proper posture is a big part of not only looking, but feeling good. The way to walk, sit, and work not only has an effect on your physical appearance, but it can greatly effect your mood, blood pressure, back pain, even lung capacity. Fixing simple postural problems, and correcting bad habit can have a great effect on reducing and even relieving pain. Living and working in world almost requires you to have bad posture, and in order to even get anywhere you just have to keep your head down and keep moving. Sitting for long periods of time staring at a screen or sitting in a class room also requires you to get as comfortable as possible, so we choose to slouch down, lean back, or even fall asleep in cramped and uncomfortable positions.

A common postural problem is simply known as Forward Head Posture. Our daily routines, in a way, require our bodies to adapt to the stresses placed upon them by adapting unhealthy distortions from our natural, healthy,  posture. Watching television, playing video-games, working on the computer, and trauma combined with the body’s nervous and muscular systems tendency to adapt to certain movements as its natural response to an external factor, or load, like a backpack. It is the body’s reaction to seek the path of least resistance in order to keep functioning, it is easy to ingrain bad habits, like resorting to improper,  forward head posture.

The head is naturally placed directly above the head and shoulders, and it is rather heavy, and leaning forward can put a lot of stress on the body’s neck, and upper back muscles. Deviating one way or the other form proper form can also cause the muscles to become tight or loose, as well as leading to a decrease in blood supply to the muscles. When the muscles are unable to assist the spine in maintaining proper posture due to fatigue, the structural tissues in the spines can become deformed, sometimes permanently. Forward head posture can also damage the discs in the spine, causing compression, herniation, tension headaches, early arthritis and of course, pain.

Forward Head Posture is easily detected. Visit a reputable medical center in your area where a qualified professional can determine how much your posture has distorted from normal, and it can then be addressed by a chiropractor. Forward head posture may cause long term damage to the spine and nerves and may not cause pain or any discomfort early on. Chiropractors are specially equipped to deal with problems related to the spine and nervous system.

Follow these simple steps:

  • See a professional
  • Limit your time sitting in front of a computer, or take frequent breaks
  • Place the computer, or television to a proper height, keep the top third even with your eyes
  • Exercise
  • Support your lower back, use pillows, lumbar supports, etc.
  • Limit what you put in your backpack, secure it properly to your back.

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