Treatment for Osteoporosis – Prevention is Key

Treatment for Osteoporosis – What Options Do You Have?

Unfortunately, there are very few treatment options for someone diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Most doctors today focus on preventing Osteoporosis rather than treatment for Osteoporosis. There are a number of things you can do to prevent this disease. There are many natural treatments available as well as drugs that your doctor can recommend. Consider the following treatments for Osteoporosis. Each treatment is listed according to the severity of the condition.

Preventing Osteoporosis Before there are Issues

The first step is to prevent this condition before any issues arise. In your younger years it is important to consume many foods with Calcium. However, for proper Calcium uptake vitamin D is also needed. These components of a healthy diet can be consumed in food or taken as supplements. Ask your doctor which option is best for you. If you have a high risk for developing Osteoporosis you should develop a regular exercise routine. Muscle strengthening exercises such as aerobics, walking, or running can help your bones stay strong.

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Hormone Therapy

Women who have reached menopause are at higher risk for Osteoporosis. During this time the bones may become brittle and break. In years past hormone therapy was used in menopausal women to prevent and treat the condition. However, this is not the case anymore. A study conducted in 2002 proved that hormonal therapy was a patch for the condition and that bones returned to the same density after discontinuation of the hormones. Instead doctors now use the same medications used for treating women who are not menopausal as treatment for Osteoporosis.

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Medications for Osteoporosis Treatment

Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva, and Reclast all work to inhibit cells which affect and break down the bone. These medications are administered in different ways. For example, Fosamax and Actonel are given in pill form as once a week treatments. Boniva is also a pill that is given once a month. On the other hand, Reclast is an injection given once a year through an IV. Forteo is another injection that is self-administered. Forteo actually shows great promise for both men and women. It is a synthetic hormone that actually stimulates the bones to start growing and increases bone density.

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Miacalcin and Fortical also treat Osteoporosis. These medications are comprised of a natural hormone calcitonin which is known to slow the process of bone loss. It is available as an injection or nasal spray. Polia is another treatment for Osteoporosis that is fairly new. Polia is a biological therapy that inactivates the breakdown mechanism of bones. This medication is used for those who are high risk, postmenopausal, and those who have tried other treatment options without success.

As you can see there are a number of options for treatment of Osteoporosis. While there is still no cure for the disease these drugs and therapy options can make life much easier for women and men who experience bone loss or regular bone breaks. Talk to your doctor to find out if there is a treatment for Osteoporosis you might use and to discuss any possible side effects.

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