What Is Adenomyosis, and How Does It Relate To Endometriosis

 Endometriosis is a condition wherein the hormone estrogen overproduces in an area outside of the uterus. This will result in pain ranging from mild to severe. Unfortunately, there is no known cause for this condition and why if affects over 5 million American women of childbearing age.

Adenomyosis is also a condition that only affects women and it also has something to do with the reproductive system. The difference between the two conditions is in the location of the abnormality. In Adenomyosis, the endometrial tissue enters into the layers of the uterus muscles. In endometriosis, the endometrial tissue can be found outside of the uterus.

Another difference between these two similar conditions is that Adenomyosis happens after a woman gives birth, and those who have at least 1 child and are now in their middle age between 40 and 50 years old.

On the other hand, both conditions seem to be genetic and hormonal, so the symptoms are also similar. Also, it is hard to make a correct diagnosis with both conditions. In fact, Adenomyosis is considered to be an internal form of endometriosis because it is a disorder inside the uterus.

Both conditions have similar treatment which includes drug therapy using oral contraceptives to hinder the production of hormones that cause the imbalance. Hormone treatment can be advised to suppress too much estrogen in the body and stop it from spreading to places it should not go to. Surgery is also the last option with hysterectomy as the final solution to relieving the pain and suffering that a woman with this kinds of conditions has to bear.

Some of the drugs used are the same like Danazol. The problem with this drug is the side effects which can range from hot flashes, dry vaginal walls, fluid retention, acne, increase in hair growth, and mood swings. Most doctors would only prescribe this drug if the pain is very severe because of the ill effects of the drug. Also, when using this drug, the recommended dosage is for a long term use of up to 1 year, so you can just imagine the amount of time a woman might have to suffer from the ill effects of this drug.

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis are two conditions that sometimes do not even show any signs until it becomes painful and more severe. When pain starts to be experienced, determining if it is any of these two conditions is not very easy. Doctors will use different methods to help determine the cause of the pain. Some may require a biopsy, while other will do an implant into the cervix or the vagina. Other ways are to conduct a blood test or do an ultrasound.

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