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Hello and welcome to my new web site for people who want to “take charge” of their chronic pain. Perhaps you are one of those people who have not been able to get relief of their pain despite seeing multiple doctors, tests, injections, surgeries, medications, etc., etc., etc..  

If that sounds familiar…you are not alone.  Latest statistics for the U.S. estimate there are 100 million people suffering from chronic pain.There are many explanations that have been put forth about this epidemic of chronic pain.  Some have argued that it is because of “stress”, or environmental toxins, or obesity, or even a statistical artifact.

With all the discussion, research, treatments, and money spent shouldn’t we be feeling better?

The truth is that chronic pain is complicated.  Every person experiencing it needs to have a thorough history and physical by a licensed medical professional who is well aquainted with chronic pain.  

After an accurate diagnosis has been established, the best approach is to have a team of people fashion a treatment program for relief of your pain.  This will include your primary health practitioner, a pain specialist, a rehabilitation specialist, a physical therapist, and others.

I have just one question with the “pain treatment program” approach…who is going to pay for all these services? 

If you are experiencing chronic pain (pain that is present for more than 3 months) then you have already seen how the approach requiring multiple services from different professionals doesn’t work for everyone.  In fact, most insurance companies will enforce a limit on what and how many services are covered by them.

If your pain is not relieved during the coverage period the insurance companies will deny further reimbursement to your pain team.  Without a well funded insurance backed program most people with persistent pain will be relegated to having “reached maximal medical improvement”. This is an arbitrary financial limit that insurance companies place on treating the insured.   

My story with chronic pain began with my father.  As a young man he had a back injury at work.  After a thorough work-up his team decided that surgery was not an option.  

For the next 30 years he went to a variety of pain practitioners for relief.  He had really good health insurance, through his work, which miraculously covered his care.  By the time he was in his 70’s he was able to function with little pain.

Insurance backed long term physical therapy is not a reality with today’s insurance coverage.

What is a reality is that, if your pain does not go away within 6 months, you own it.  You will have to rehabilitate yourself if you can ever hope to get relief.

What I have observed is that people who  “take charge” of their own rehabilitation do better.  

Discectomy is a web site that will present products that you can use to help alleviate your pain.  It is not a replacement for a medical evaluation or advice.  

This web site will simply give you ideas on how you can help yourself to get relief.  You are your own best advocate…let us assist you in feeling better.

With Deepest Regards,


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