Beat Fibromyalgia in 10 Steps!

Soft tissue rheumatism fibromyalgia disease, in which complaints such as waking up tired in the morning and not feeling the desire to work due to a constant feeling of fatigue, despite getting enough sleep at night, cause a person great problems in their daily life. This type of rheumatism is a disease of people who expect a lot from themselves and have a lot of expectations from their environment. Complaints are increasing, especially in the spring months. Now you can beat fibromyalgia in 10 steps!

1.     Get To Know Your Disease By Taking The Fibromyalgia Risk Test

These people are usually a perfectionist and sensitive people. We see that modern living conditions increase the number of these conditions, also known as novelistic rheumatism. Many factors can be effective in soft tissue rheumatism, which causes great problems in daily life. Fibromyalgia never changes your appearance, doesn’t cripple you, but its treatment can take a long time and disrupt your quality of life. Because of this, take a risk test as soon as possible.

2.     For A Successful Treatment, The Diagnosis Must First Be Correct

Fibromyalgia, which increases in situations of stress and excessive activity, especially in cold, humid weather, is affected by many factors, from the tense environment at work to talk on the phone and driving. This disease can even show familial characteristics. Although it is most common in women between the ages of 20-50, it can occur in all ages and sexes. Because of this, the diagnosis must be made correctly.

diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia

3.     Care About The Signals Your Body Gives

At the beginning of the symptoms of this disease comes fatigue. Although no activity requires fatigue; fatigue, which is more pronounced, especially in the morning, returns to normal by evening. Morning stiffness is common in these people. This muscle-induced stiffness continues for a long time during the day, as novelties. It is important not to confuse this stiffness with joint stiffness in patients with inflamed joints. These people, who barely get out of bed as if they have never rested, seem more tired in the morning than when they go to bed at night. It is very typical in sleep laboratories that they cannot go into a deep sleep, gnash teeth in sleep, and make some involuntary movements. In these patients, pain in the head and face, gas in the abdomen, diarrhea, constipation, sudden feeling of urination, excessive tension before menstruation, chest, heart pain, and palpitations may occur. Also, numbness and tingling, cramps, dizziness for no reason, hearing loss, and changes in appetite can be seen. However, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, psychological problems, excessive sweating, dry mouth, and eyes are also often detected.

What are the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia

4.     Your Doctor is Your Solution Partner; Be Clear

To make the best possible decisions about fibromyalgia, your relationship with your doctor should be in the form of a partnership that you work with. It is very important that you can communicate all your health concerns and needs to your doctor. Your doctor should also communicate health information to you clearly and clearly. Every time you visit a doctor, try to make the most of your time.

Serious doctor listening to patient explaining her painful in his office

5.     Treatment Should Be Done Correctly and On Time

In the treatment of this disease, also to various drugs, many procedures may be preferred, such as training of the patient and local injections, dry needling, PRP, physical therapy methods, oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, laser, and radiofrequency procedure. Also, proper diet, regular water you drink, vitamin D or B12, magnesium, zinc, selenium, coenzyme Q-10, omega-3, natural food supplements such as turmeric, and also gives very good results when it is scheduled according to the person.


6.     Complementary Applications Are Very Important İn The Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Bioresonance, phytotherapy, medical massage, biocybernetic regulation therapy, and neural therapy can be preferred to get rid of the pain.

diets of fibromyalgia

7.     Looking To The Future Would Be A Good Start

Try to stay away from a stressful life as much as possible. Nowadays, unfortunately, the sources of stress are too many. But instead of living with these stressful situations and stretching our muscles, we can also get rid of the pain by looking for ways to solve problems and taking care of our mental health. The first thing to eliminate pain should be to combat stress. You have to make a list of the stress elements in our lives and try to find solutions.

8.     Give Yourself Time For Flexibility

A healthy, fit and happy life requires thought, behavior, or body flexibility. Daily, we can often become depressed, exhausted, and Moody. In this way, our body loses its flexibility and resistance. We have to give ourselves time for flexibility. In addition to devoting more time to yourself and your health, breaks during intensive work are also an effective method of treating this disease.

9.     Exercise is Very Important

Try to exercise regularly every day. If you have pain, it will be more appropriate for your doctor to plan the exercises you will do according to the cause of your discomfort. Fitness, especially pilates, hiking, robot therapy, swimming, and cycling are useful.

Fibromyalgia and Exercise

10. With Botox, You Can Get Rid of Your Novelties

With the Botox procedure, you can see great results in fibromyalgia applications. You can get rid of tooth tightening, muscle aches, tooth grinding, and jaw pain while sleeping in a short time with Botox.

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