8 Methods To Relieve Your Body of Pain and Stress

In today’s world, many people have hectic and stressful life. Unfortunately, the fact that we are struggling with both a global pandemic and the benefits of the modern world, unfortunately, dramatically affects our mental and physical health. Especially the days spent in constant stress and the hustle and bustle invite dangerous health problems in the future. Of course, avoiding stress as much as possible is the solution to this problem. In this article, we have researched and compiled the most effective methods to relieve your body from stress and pain caused by this problem. By regularly applying these methods, you can achieve a much more peaceful and healthy life. Here are 8 effective methods that will allow you to say goodbye to pain and stress-related pain!

1.     Foot Massage

A method of reducing pain by massaging specific points in the leg and hand is called reflexology. Although it is still debated whether reflexology is really effective, many studies confirm that foot massage effectively affects stress-related body aches. Especially massages to specific points of the foot and back pain is an effective solution. To massage your foot, drop a few drops of olive oil on the soles of your feet. Next, get out of your heel to your fingertips using your thumbs. Remember to concentrate on the curved area. Continue to apply this massage for a few minutes.

2.     Facial Massage

Being too stressed can cause your face to stretch. Especially teeth grinding, jaw tightening, lip biting, or neck pain; these are the most common symptoms of an over-stressed life. Of course, it’s easier than you think to clear your face of all this tension! First, drop a few drops of coconut oil on your face. Next, massage up the chin using your fingertips and palms. Next, apply circular movements around your eyes and relax your face by squeezing your nose. Finally, touch your entire face with your fingertips and massage your neck using your palms.

3.     Aromatherapy

Another method that will relieve you from stress and pain is aromatherapy applications. Benefiting from the miraculous effects of natural oils, this fantastic method offers both mental and physical relaxation. Moreover, it is pretty easy to apply.

4.     Chewing Gum

You may be surprised to learn that chewing gum helps you relax. Many studies show that chewing gum has positive effects on stress and anxiety.

5.     Hand Massage

Another way to relieve tension in the body is to perform a hand massage. A quick and short hand massage can boost your morale in minutes. Open your hand and turn your palm out. Make sure you stretch your entire hand. Next, squeeze the skin between your finger and thumb and the massage that area in circular movements. Run your thumb through all your fingers, starting in the middle of the palm.

6.     ABC Technique

The ABC technique, also known as cognitive behavioral therapy, is a psychological treatment method that allows you to analyze your emotions and therefore control them. Thanks to this method, you can understand how your emotions work and manage crises much more effectively.

7.     Progressive Novelization Exercises

Another method that will help you cope with stress is progressive novelization. To do these exercises, take a deep breath and tighten your first muscle group for 4-10 seconds. Then breathe in and relax all your muscles. Finally, rest for 10-20 seconds and count backward from five. Doing these exercises with relaxing music will help you relax much faster.

8.     Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises, one of the most effective ways to combat stress, are among the most curious topics of recent times. These exercises, which you can use to manage moments of crisis ideally, are also one-on-one to combat anxiety!

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