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Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches

Lower back pain relief exercises can be helpful in reducing or eliminating the pain in your back. First, you must determine the cause of the lower back pain. If the pain is severe, you should contact a doctor immediately before you begin to do any lower back pain relief stretches.

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A lower back pain relief workout can help with general pain caused by back strain. If you experience back pain on a regular basis, specific motions could help you to feel better. The remedy for someone else may not be the same as is it for you. For example, some people feel better sitting, while others feel better standing. Your lower back pain relief workout will depend on what makes you feel better. Here are some simple stretching exercises to help with your pain:

Cat Stretch

Think of how a cat stretches when you do this move. There are two steps to this stretch. Get on your hands and knees. Raise your head up slowly. While you do this, allow your belly to open downward toward the floor. Allow your back to fall into an arch. Next, stretch your spine in the opposite direction. Drop your head with your chin moving toward your chest as your back rises toward the ceiling. Repeat 5 to 10 times.


This is a full body exercise that is divided into two parts. Be sure you are able to perform part one comfortably before you move on to part 2. Do not straighten both legs at the same time, as this can cause too much pull, straining your lower back.

  • Part 1 – Stand with your feet hip width apart while your knees are slightly bent. Drop your chin to your chest slowly and bend forward with your head moving towards the ground until your head is even with your knees. Put your hands on your knees for support. Slowly straighten your right knee, which will force your left knee to bend even further. You will feel the stretch here. Your right knee can return to a bent position. Now straighten up your left knee. This will force your right knee to bend. Feel this stretch. Alternate the stretch between the right and left leg 5 to 10 times.
  • Part 2 – Now you will add in arm movement. Start this part with the position where your elbows are resting on your knees and your head is downward. Straighten your right knee slowly while the left knee bends further. While your head is facing downward, reach directly toward the ceiling in this position with your right arm, as if you are reaching to replace a light bulb. Your entire upper body should twist so you can reach easier. Your body weight should be supported with your left elbow on your knee. Now bring your right arm down and return to your knee bent position. Repeat entire process with your other side. Repeat 5 to 10 times.


Lie on the floor face down and toes pointing backward. Place your hands at your armpits. Press down so your shoulders rise up. Extend your arms fully while you press your hips toward the floor. Hold this stretch for 10 to 30 seconds.

Additional Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches

  • Press up back extension
  • Alternate arm and leg exercise
  • Knee to chest exercise
  • Curl ups
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Bridging
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Prone buttocks squeeze

McKenzie exercises

Try to exercise a little each day, and try to combine the following types of exercises each day: aerobic, stretching, and strengthening. Aerobic exercises will condition your heart and other muscles. They will also maintain health and help to speed up recovery. Strengthening exercises will help you focus on your back, stomach, and leg muscles. Stretching exercises will help keep your muscles and other tissues flexible, which will reduce your risk for injury.

Exercises to Avoid

While a lower back pain workout can be helpful to your lower back pain, there are some types of exercises to avoid, which include:

  • Straight leg sit ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Partial or bent leg sit-ups
  • Toe touches while standing

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It is important to remember when you are creating your lower back pain workout that you choose exercises that will not strain your back. There are many different lower back pain relief exercises that you can choose from, so make sure you choose lower back pain relief stretches that will work for you.

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