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A C5-C6 herniated disc could be a very aggravating and unbearable health problem on an individual to have with. This content will go over what a C5-C6 herniated disc is, the most frequent symptoms related to it, leads to, and treatment plans for curing this problem.

To be able to understand what a herniated disc is, we must first discuss just what the discs of the spine are, and just how they’re assembled. There are 23 spinal discs, and they are located between each set of spinal vertebrae (bones of the spine).


All these discs work several reasons – first of all, they are a unique form of ligament, which usually supports the vertebrae of the spinal cord together. Second, they act as a cushion and shock absorbers, so the bones of the spine can easily go readily without having causing you problems.

Their structure is really quite simple, but extremely important because of the things they’re doing. Each disc of the spine consists of a firm outer covering (called the annulus), along with a jelly center (called the nucleus).

spine vertebrae

The Result When a Disc Herniation

When a disc herniates, the outside layer rips, and the jelly starts to proceed the vulnerable part of the disc. This situation could be unbelievably agonizing, but what would make this intriguing is that the discs of the spine are designed in order to not sense pain.

Why? Well, consider it – when they are constantly absorbing shock, wouldn’t it be best of you don?t experience pain with every single movement you are making? Needless to say, this may lead to the next question – if the spinal discs don?t experience pain, what makes this condition so agonizing and weakening?

c5 c6 disc

The disc will usually herniate behind, which unfortunately is directly by the spinal cord and the nerves of the spine. The nerves control every thing in the body, and if there is any pressure applied to them, they become aggravated, which can be very hurtful.

This condition can be very serious, though, simply because the nerves do control everything in the body. For example, when it comes to a C5-C6 herniated disc, the nerves that’ll be afflicted control the arms, heart, lungs, chest muscles, jaw muscles, neck and skull muscles, sinuses, and lots of other things.

Due to this connection, it is very typical that a individual battling with this problem won’t encounter neck pain, but could also encounter pain, feeling numb, or weakness in the arms and hands, chest pains, lack of breath, headaches, jaw pain, sinus problems, etc.


The reason for a C5-C6 herniated disc is normally some form of damage or stress towards the neck. Automobile accidents, falls, sports-related injuries, etc.

However, this condition can also be brought on by other, much less apparent means as well. For example, when you sleep with more than one pillow during the night, this places a lot of stress around the discs of the neck, which over time can result in this disorder.


Generally, any pursuit that requires lots of folding and turning of the neck may cause harm to a C5-C6 disc. Furthermore to this, the discs of the spinecan start to worsen as time passes because of wear and tear, which leads to weakening of the outer wall of the disc. This can also create a herniated disc over time.

What can be done relating to this situation?

Many doctors will start by prescribing medicines (typically pain killers and muscle relaxers), which will usually give temporary relief, but in addition involve some difficulties associated with them.

For instance, these kind of medicines can be quite toxic towards the liver and kidneys and result in problems with these organs over time. Furthermore, the drugs fundamentally just dull the pain – they do not really cure the disc. Because of this, they often don?t provide any long-term advantage.

Physiotherapy can also be suggested in most cases. This is a more efficient remedy choice than medicines, but it’s generally more appropriate when combined with other styles of remedy (for example chiropractic care and massage therapy).


Pain injection therapy may also be commonly used, for instance cortisone and epidurals. These will also be successful to decrease your pain, but understand that the thing is the same here as with all the medications – any relief you go through is normally momentary because it’s not actually correcting the main cause of the issue.

Moreover, cortisone is known to cause the bones of the body to weaken faster, and that’s why cortisone injections can only be given at the most 3 times a year.

Surgical treatment is the final choice, but this is actually a last option. The rate of success of spinal surgical treatment is just 16% according to a study study from the medical journal ?Spine.? The chances are not really on your behalf, which is why you may hardly ever find a physician suggesting this as a first solution.

There are other alternatives to traditional medical treatments which are also very efficient. Chiropractic, therapeutic massage, and chinese medicine are probably among the most effective option treatments for a C5-C6 herniated disc.

However, I?ve discovered that these types of treatments, and also the medical solutions talked about previously are generally most reliable once employed in particular mixtures.

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