Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis – Osteoarthritis, Joint Pain And Immobility

Osteoarthritis also known as joint disease degenerative is a condition that causes the cartilage in joints to deteriorate and / or discards. Usually Ankylosing Spondylitis occurs in elderly advanced bone due to wear of aging itself but also comes to affect young people because of knocks.

Ankylosing Spondylitis Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is considered a disease but is actually changes in articular cartilage generated by age and that over time wears down and this results in erosion therein. But that’s not all because inside the joints can osteophyte formation which are remnants of cartilage that become bone which ultimately results in limited movement swelling and pain.

Importantly osteoarthritis according to their degree of impairment in mobility and damage to cartilage in joints is classified as mild moderate (in both cases may manifest inflammation and / or pain but no such difficulty moving) or severe (has some degree of mobility)

How joints work ?

“The joints are structures that allow movement the body we can say that serve as levers because they have points support and allow you to move the muscle mass which is what allows us to move do things that are seemingly as simple as lifting a leg or bend an arm or raise it to that end requires muscles tendons tissues and a party that hinged condition “says rheumatologists.

Then the joints are areas of the body where two or more bones are joined using different structures. Thus muscles are connected to bones by tendons (cords flexible and fibrous tissue) and allow joints to move and remain stable.

In turn the fine articular cartilage to accommodate bone in the joint and helps promote free movement of bearings while the same material pads cushion the impacts. For his hand the ligaments which are strong strips of fibrous tissue hold it together to the joint.

All joints are surrounded by a deck or glove strong fibrous material called the joint capsule which is surrounded by so-called synovial lining which is responsible for secrete small amount of fluid to lubricate the joints.


To better understand how the joints are affected is important to know that the cartilage that supports them is characterized for being soft shiny and wet in fact healthy joints those areas covered by this soft bone move with very little friction as “glass on glass”.

However the cartilage absorbs nutrients normally and liquids like a sponge and this keeps it in good condition however in osteoarthritis are not getting the necessary fluids and nutrients so that eventually dries out and breaks. Consequently when the joints move is similar to friction as you would sandpaper with another in extreme cases of loss of cartilage can occur back bone contact in the joint damage.

Why does it occur ?

As already mentioned degenerative joint disease is more common in older people (called osteoarthrosis primary) but not always associated with aging since lesions caused by blows falls or sports with some often associated with the onset of illness (called osteoarthrosis secondary). In these cases the cartilage degeneration often occurs articulate and because it can not absorb the impact and protect the bones the situation tends to hurt and become stiff.

Any process that affecting the joints and to remain for some time will give process results in osteoarthritis among which are diseases as rheumatoid arthritis or Ankylosing Spondylitis because in the final stage and when the swelling has gone and joint destruction has been submitted the final stage is disease degenerative joint. Similarly hemophilia (lack of clotting blood) is associated with osteoarthritis because it is bleeding in the joints which can lead to spoilage.

“Other activities which although not considered risky can lead to such pain in wrist or fingers including the frequent use typewriter or computer and play the piano. Moreover it is also possible that the dancers express problems in hips and knees due to the exercise and effort. This is not I mean that all individuals who practice these activities will manifest osteoarthrosis but they are factors that predispose their appearance ” he added.

How is it detected ?

The warning signs that may suggest a doctor degenerative joint disease are:

  • Constant or intermittent pain in a joint although it is clear that not all patients this symptom.
  • Stiffness upon rising from bed.
  • Inflammation in any situation.
  • Sound or rubbing of bones that move against each other.

The diagnosis osteoarthritis is a little easier when you have preparation because there are cases where he is mistaken for rheumatoid arthritis. This second disorder is by definition an inflammatory disease that produces reduced function of the joints to cause pain deformities and joint destruction as well as joints that are added affected and what happens on the right side of the body also manifests on the left.

The rheumatologist says that “in the osteoarthritis patient may complain for years or months of pain in the hip or knee without other joints are affected besides that X-rays may be requested in the disclosure of the deterioration of cartilage.


After confirming the diagnosis it is first necessary to reassure the patient explaining that osteoarthritis in most cases is caused by age but if there will be secondary type tell the person is suffering from injuries or caused by some another condition (rheumatoid arthritis or hemophilia).

“If osteoarthritis is detected in early stages can appealed to the administration of analgesics and anti-inflammatory but if you identify as being more advanced as well of the drug above the patient should be channeled to medicine physics where they will rehabilitate the affected joint.

There are also treatments that are administered directly in the injured joint (injection only trainees may apply) with whom the patient has improved which can last up to one year.

When osteoarthritis is severe will it be used orthopedic assessment prior to placement of prosthesis in the affected joint or holder (or wrist brace serving to give stability to the joint and prevent further hurting) or it may refer the patient to clean the joint which consists to extract everything they can to have this joint (osteophytes) or if necessary remove the articular cartilage when it is very degenerate.

As you can seeosteoarthritis is more common what is believed therefore it is essential to be diagnosed in time for improve the quality of life for patients.

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