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Causes of Neck and Back Pain

Why am I Having Back Pain?

Back pain isn’t an actual condition. It’s is simply the result of an underlying issue. Nobody can diagnose you with “back pain” because that is just the feeling you are having due to something far more significant. With that being said, if you are experiencing back pain, you should definitely look into what’s causing it.

There are four main factors that cause severe back pain:

  • Aging
  • Injuries
  • Genetics
  • Tumors and infections
Back Pain
Back Pain

Aging plays a massive role in back problems due to the body naturally deteriorating over time. It is gradual, yet the effects are substantial. This causes problems, such as Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), and breaks down cartilage and protective “shells” or coverings that keep certain parts in place, potentially causing bulging discs and damaged nerves do to out of the ordinary protruding and so forth.

Aging is a part of life, and there is no real cure for back pain due to aging, due to discs attached to bloating or herniation. With the breakdown of tissue inside the body, replacing it or accelerating its growth is virtually impossible. However, there are therapeutic and non-invasive ways to relieve that pain and feel more comfortable.

Exercises like yoga and stretching are great ways to relax the muscles, calm your body, and relieve pain in the back and other areas.

Injuries are another reason for back pain. Many times athletes, manual labor workers, and other people who tend to be overly active injure themselves more easily than those who are less active. Professional athletes are typically higher risk because of the strenuous activity they go through for 9 or 10 months out of the year.

Back injuries can range from the lower back, causing pressure on the sciatic nerve, to the upper back and neck area. Injuries to the spine can cause lingering, chronic back pain, and, often times, surgery might be recommended. Don’t be worried though. There are minimally invasive surgeries for many back problems that don’t require lengthy recovery times.

Spinal pain is also caused by hereditary or acquired conditions. Some people are born with diseases such as scoliosis or hereditary arthritis. Conversely, some people develop or acquire conditions when enduring something stressful on the body. For example, women endure severe back and neck pain during their 9 month pregnancy, and it can often linger after child birth.

Many of these issues cause fractures and sprains in the spinal column that lead to both acute and chronic back and neck pain. There are both invasive and noninvasive treatments for these, depending on how serious the condition may be.

Finally, one of the least causes of back pains is tumors and infections. While tumors and infections can cause back pain, it is very uncommon. However, it can still affect a person by causing inflammation by “suffocating” or tightening the disc or vertebra, resulting in a restriction of movement. This will put pressure on nerves in the back, which can ultimately result in very severe back pain, immobility, and numbness.

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