Psoriatic arthritis

New Advances in Psoriatic Arthritis

Medicine has come a long way in the last decade, not to mention the advances that it has seen in the last 50 years.  Unfortunately, there are a handful of diseases that modern medicine has not been able to cure.  The issue is that so much of the focus is put into treating the condition rather than treating the root problem.  Natural treatments are often a great option, but when you are considering a condition such as psoriatic arthritis it will push the limits not only of over the counter and prescription medications, but also what natural remedies can do for the human body that is under attack.

Natural treatments can help the common cold, the flu, and a variety of other diseases, but what can you treat an immune system problem with?  Many people will state that you are what you eat, but is this how you can treat psoriatic arthritis?  The fact of the matter is that diet among other things can affect psoriatic arthritis, although there also need to be mental and emotional aspects that are considered in treating the disease.

A diet full of fruits and vegetables is beneficial for the patient suffering from psoriatic arthritis. You should focus on using organic sources of chicken, beef, eggs and fish for your protein. Learn about fats and the truth about saturated fats and cholesterol. Cook in stable fats like butter and lard. Use coconut products such as the oil. It is a good idea to stay away from wheat and diary from your diet as these foods promote inflammation and auto-immune responses in the body.

Stress is known to break down the body and cause a wide variety of diseases.  While the body is able to take on a lot of stress, it will break down after a long period of stress either physically or emotionally, and eventually something has to give. The body can handle the stressors for a while, but long term stress will manifest somewhere in the body. It may result in headaches, poor digestion, a skin rash or an auto-immune disorder.  If you suffer from psoriatic arthritis you need to learn how to deal with your stress in a healthy manner.  Implementing yoga and mediation can be helpful, although yoga may need to be modified due to stress on the joints.  When you learn to do away with stress, it can help to lessen the pain that is caused by the disease.

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Nutritional supplements can also help with the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, although you will get the most benefit from the higher quality supplements. All supplements should be purchased through a qualified practitioner who can supply you with practitioner only supplements which are a lot more potent and powerful in the quantity of active ingredients they can provide because they are being used under supervision. Fish oil in high doses can also help with inflammation of the joints.  You may also want to take something that will re-establish flora in the intestines.

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Every patient is different and will respond to different things.  Implementing all of the different options will likely yield in some result, although one will need to tailor all of the suggestions to their needs.  Some patients will be more responsive than others, so it really is all about trial and error.

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