Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease Exercise

Parkinson’s Disease is a movement disorder and as such severely limits range of motion and interferes with the ability to turn, bend, walk and perform even simple tasks. Consequently in the course of treating people with Parkinson’s Disease, many physicians recommend a program of exercises suited for the individuals abilities and limitations. There are many considerations before a patient begin an exercise routine and should only be done under the supervision of a physician and or a physical therapist. Parkinson’s Disease exercise can make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for a patient by increasing their ability to participate in normal everyday activities.

Before beginning a Parkinson’s Disease exercise program, a Parkinson’s patient should get a comprehensive evaluation from his or her doctor. Once that has been accomplished a routine can be started that will establish the best types of exercises for the patient, the duration of the activity and also any recommendations that the doctor has about dietary changes to help maximize the routine. In addition before beginning a program for Parkinson’s Disease exercise, it may be beneficial to enlist the services of a physical therapist or specially trained trainer.

There are some practical suggestions for patients who are beginning a new exercise program. For instance, setting aside a time for gradual warm-ups is a must. Warm-up periods allow the body to get gently stretched to reduce the likelihood of injuries and reduce the shock to the system that an abrupt start to a routine may cause. Pick secure location that is well equipped with mats and appropriate padding. Other factors that contribute to a safe exercising environment include proper ventilation, free of debris and obstacles, non slip surface on the floor, and hand rails.

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There are many activities that are a good form of exercise from simple to complex. Simply walking is a great way to receive health benefits from activity. Other people enjoy gardening or flying a kite. There are countless ways to bring activity into the live of a patient with Parkinson’s. Swimming is another way to improve health. Further, water aerobics has the benefit of reducing strain on joints. A Parkinson’s disease exercise program can also incorporate elements of yoga or Tai Chi. Whatever activities that a patient can do; especially if they are enjoyable, will bring pleasure, increased flexibility and generally better health especially under the direction of trained professionals.

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