Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Symptoms – 7 of Them You Should Know

Parkinson’s Symptoms – Identify Them Early

There are a few common Parkinson’s symptoms that you need to be aware of. Just as with any disease some symptoms might inter-link with other diseases, so the only sure way to know that you have the disease is to contact your doctor and be tested. Keep in mind that Parkinson’s symptoms tend to occur on one side of the body and not on both sides at the same time, in the initial stages. Even though eventually you’ll experience issues on both sides of your body, the side that first experienced the symptoms usually tends to be the worse in the long-term


7 Symptoms You Need To Be Aware of

  • Muscle Stiffness: This can occur with any part of your body. The stiffness will limit your mobility and you are unable to perform simple tasks. Even walking becomes an issue as your legs are stiff and it’s difficult to move them. You may also experience issues moving your hands or doing simple tasks such as clapping, moving your fingers or swinging your arms.

Muscle Stiffness parkinson

  • Shakiness: This is often called a tremor and is associated as one of many Parkinson’s symptoms and people usually associate any kind of tremor to Parkinson’s, but the fact is that not everyone with Parkinson’s disease experiences this as a symptom. Pill-rolling which is the rubbing of your thumb and forefinger is a common sign and is associated with tremors.
  • Slow in movement: Another of the many Parkinson’s symptoms. The disease will definitely slow you down. It will restrict your movement, and you’ll have issues with walking, and you may in time start to do a shuffle walk instead of walking fluidly. You’ll have difficulty getting your feet off the ground, and your steps will be slow. In time you may have the need of a cane to get around or perhaps even a wheel chair. It depends on how advance the disease is at that point.

Senior Woman Suffering With Parkinsons Diesease

  • Issues with posture: You’ll start to find that your posture may become a bit hunched over and you’ll have issues with your balance. This is common for those who have the disease, but it’s more common in the latter stages more so than the beginning. It’s one of the Parkinson’s symptoms that can really put a damper on an individual.
  • Speech: It’s not uncommon to find people who have Parkinson’s disease to have slurred speech or their voice tone to change completely. Some people have more of a monotone voice while others speak softly or even more rapidly. It all depends and varies from case to case, but is a symptom.
  • Reflexes: Simple acts that we do without thinking such as blinking and smiling tend to be drastically reduced in those that have Parkinson’s disease. One of the Parkinson’s symptoms may be a constant glare since no blinking is occurring. In some other cases you may appear overly animated when talking due to twitching or shakiness.
  • Memory Loss: Another Parkinson’s symptom is potential memory loss. The person experiences issues remembering and explaining themselves in various situations.

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These are just a few Parkinson’s symptoms that you need to be aware of. Of course some are based on those who have had the disease for an extended period of time, but others are based on the early stages such as the muscle stiffness and shakiness. If you think you’ve been experiencing such issues for an extended period of time be sure to visit your doctor for a check-up.

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