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When does back pain start in pregnancy?

Lower Back Pregnancy pain: Are you searching for when does back pain start in pregnancy? here is the answer…

Back Pain usually occurs in between the fifth and seventh month of pregnancy. In this period a lot of rapid physical changes are seen because your bump begins to grow in size.

When does back pain start in pregnancy

A Significant body development is occurring with your baby inside the womb. This sudden changes will put some extra pressure on your back can cause Lower back pain in Pregnancy.

In rare cases, the lower back pregnancy pain starts as early as eight to twelve weeks after becoming pregnant. If any women have a pre-existing back pain problems can cause getting lower back pain in early pregnancy.

When does lower back pregnancy pain start?

More than 70% of the pregnant women are facing back pain in their pregnancy period. Mostly back pain occurs during the second trimester weeks of pregnancy. This may present further in the third trimester of pregnancy.

The second and third trimester of pregnancy is the most starting stages of back pain and similar issues. But there is a chance of getting back pain in early stages too. Persistent back pain can start at the early stage of pregnancy in between 8 to 12 weeks.

This back pain typically grows more severe as you get closer to giving birth to your child. In this case, you have to look forward the possibilities of getting back pain after your child born. This kind of back pain after childbirth will call it as postpartum back pain.

When do you need medical help?

All of you know that this is not a serious problem to get in touch with your doctor every time you are experiencing back pain. But always see your doctor immediately if you have severe back pain. The basic pain medication such as acetaminophen will provide by your doctor before moving to any other treatment options.


There are some of the severe symptoms you have to keep in mind before taking a decision to see your doctor. If you are experiencing these following symptoms, contact your doctor as much early as possible.

  • Severe back pain
  • Rhythmic cramping pains
  • Sudden episode of weakness
  • Dark Discharge
  • Nagging Pain in lower back
  • Back pain accompanied by a fever

ell your doctor about when lower back pregnancy pain start” and when it goes mild to severe, what are the other problems you are facing with this back pain. According to research mostly all kind of back pains can be resolved within six weeks after proper precautions and treatment if this due to pregnancy.


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