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Acemetacin for back pain

Acemetacin is a type of medication that is often used after surgeries in order to help relieve post surgery associated pain, but it is also known to help relieve moderate back pain and even some types of severe lower back pain. The type of affect that Acemetacin can have in terms of back pain relief varies depending on what you intend to treat with the drug as well as the form of the medication that is used.

Acemetacin formula

The main function of Acemetacin is to help reduce inflammation that often causes back pain and other forms of pain by blocking the production of certain chemicals in the body that often cause stiffness, pain, inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and an overall increase in body temperature. By reducing the amount of inflammation in joints and muscles Acemetacinis able to help the sufferer feel better and increase their range of movements.

Generally speaking it will take a few weeks until Acemetacinis completely able to reduce the amount of inflammation in the joints or muscles, but it will start to reduce the amount of pain felt after just the first few doses. You should not change the dosage that is given to you by your doctor, and should only take the amount written on your bottle by the pharmacist as this is the amount that the doctor has decided will work best for your particular situation.

If you do not feel as if Acemetacin is working or if you think that it is making you sick instead of helping to relieve your lower back pain then you should speak to your doctor about changing or discontinuing the use of the medication.  There are no known foods or other medications that you should avoid consuming while taking Acematacin.

Acemetacin may affect your ability to operate heavy machinery or drive therefore you should take the first dose when you do not have to do either so you can judge if it affects you or not. If you have any doubt over your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery than speak to your doctor before doing so.

It is very important that you do not take Acemetacin while pregnant even if you are suffering from back pain as the drug can influence the health of your child.  If you become pregnant you should discontinue use immediately and speak to your doctor.  If you plan to become pregnant you should speak to your doctor about alternative back pain medications that you could take in the place of Acemetacin because you should not take it while trying to conceive a it can harm the child.  In addition, you should not breast feed while taking Acematacin.

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