Holistic Reflexology

Gall Bladder and having to work with incompatible people


  • Something bitter or disagreeable; something that causes vexation or annoyance
  • Impudence, rancour, irritation, exasperatio
  • A sore on the skin caused by chafing or rubbin


A membranous sac usually containing gas or liquid.

Therefore, gall bladder problems could be related to holding on to something bitter or disagreeable that causes vexation or annoys you. Issues with this organ could be directing your attention to something that exasperates and irritates you. Also to be considered is something or someone who is rubbing up against your boundaries and causing you to erupt.


Irritability or peevishness.

The main purpose of the gallbladder is to store and concentrate bile, a substance produced by the liver to help with the digestion of fats. Bile helps to emulsify fats and water, two liquids which are normally incompatible. Bile helps to combine these liquids, so that they can work effectively as one.

Therefore gallbladder issues may also be related to getting on with incompatible people; those who you have nothing in common with, or don’t particularly like.

Gallstones are small stones made from cholesterol, bile pigment and calcium salts which form in the gall bladder, and are often said to run in the family. If thought precedes what appears in life, could a strongly held family belief about a particular illness in the family line be self-perpetuating?

Fat (adipose and areola) is loose connective tissue, and brings to mind issues associated with protection, insulation and keeping something or someone in their proper place.  The skeletal system, to which they belong, infers restructuring something.

In summary, gallbladder problems could suggest a need to re-structure a relationship or a connection that is completely incompatible with you, by dissolving your protective barriers and/or allowing a little freedom for the other to move.

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