Holistic Reflexology

What’s hiding in the ankles

Ankles are the reflex for the hips.  The hips reveal any sacral chakra imbalances.  The dominate issues in this part of the body and foot are:  one on one relationships, power games and money.
Common foot conditions: 
fractured ankle bone, sprains, tightness

Combining the foot condition with issues related to this area

Fracture of the ankle bone is associated with restructuring or support (skeletal system) of a relationship or finance. This can include difficult people and power-games.

Sprains also affect the skeletal system. They occur when one or more ligaments are torn or partially torn. The ligament is stretched beyond capacity, and is related to how a person connects to or disconnects from another; how a person is being stretched within a relationship or stretching their money.

Tight and painful muscles (muscular system) can identify a person having tension applied and being pulled in two directions or divided loyalties.

In healing the underlying issues of the ankle, a person needs to consider:

  • They attract their own issues to learn about themselves
  • The Law of Attraction works whether they are aware of it or not
  • Difficult people are not doing anything to them. They are doing something for them.
  • If they haven’t learnt from their parents, they will marry or partner one of them.
  • Healing the sacral chakra energy as discovered in the foot is discussed in length in Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles.

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