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The Truth About Addium

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We live in an increasingly knowledge driven world.  This ever burdensome knowledge base requires more and more memory and discernment.  We essentially need a “brain hack” to keep up.  This posting will be a review of a popular neuro-enhancing supplement.  I am going to share with you the truth about Addium.

Imagine you have just purchased your favorite software game program.  You download the program only to discover that your computer lacks the RAM (random access memory) to properly run your much anticipated program.  What would you do?

Or consider you have been an excellent student all throughout your pre-collegiate years.  Your effort has paid off and you have been accepted to Harvard.  A dream come true.

After a few weeks at Harvard you realize that the reading work load is beyond anything you ever expected.  In order to keep up with your assignments you are sleeping less than 3 hours a night.  Your “A average” from high school no longer matters.

You are running a solid “C average” using the same study skills that earned you honors before.  Your scholarship is in jeopardy if you do not maintain a “B average.”  What adjustment should you make?

chronic fatigue

Or consider you have been chosen to pilot the most advanced aircraft on earth.  Your mission requires you to maintain a maximum level of alertness for 48 hours.  Sleep is not an option.  Everything rides on your ability to perform despite being sleep deprived.  What would you do?

Finally, consider what you would do if you had excruciating, chronic pain.  When you take your pain medication the pain subsides but you are left in a sort of “brain fog.”  When you want mental clarity you withhold your pain medication only to be unable to rest or focus due to the sleep deprivation caused by the pain.  Is this any way to live?

None of these scenarios are imaginary.  I have had patients with these very same challenges to their cognitive function.  The world around us is making greater demands on our mental capabilities all the time.  The time for “cosmetic neuroscience” has come.

Just as we would install additional RAM for a computer that lacks enough to run a software program, people are “brain hacking” today with neuro-enhancing substances to meet their intellectual demands.  The category of substances (some prescription and some, as yet, still over the counter) is called nootropics.

Have you seen the movie “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper?  The imaginary medicine he took to “mega-enhance” his intellect is what I am talking about.  Although that substance was fictional in the movie, science is moving in the direction of actual production of these types of substances.

Addium claims to be a substance that enhances “brain power.”  Let’s take a look at what it is.

What Is Addium ?

Not all nootropics are the same, work the same, or have the same side effects.  There are presently no prescription nootropics that are licensed by the FDA for use in intellectual enhancement.  All the present FDA approved medications that are licensed in this category of medicines treat a disorder of some sort (Ritalin for ADHD for instance).

Addium (an over-the-counter supplement) is marketed as a supplement that boosts energy, increases mental focus, and enhances brain performance.  As a supplement, the requirement of strict experimental evidence for these claims is not required by law.

What Is Addium

At present, you only have the reports of the benefits by the users of the supplement with which to make a judgement.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it will not work…nor can you be assured that your result will be consistent with others.

How Does Addium Work ?

I am going to list for you all the component chemically active substances in Addium.  The actual amount of each substance in each capsule is not listed on the bottle or in the package insert (also not a legal requirement for a supplement).  There are 9 chemically active ingredients listed:

That is the review of all the active substances in Addium.  As you can see each either has an effect on brain anatomy (structure) or physiology (function).

How Do You Take It ?

Addium is taken on an empty stomach 1 capsule daily.  It is best to take it at the same time daily so that the levels of the medicine build gradually.  Furthermore, the capsule should be taken for the waking hours (not before sleep).

If an individual works night shift they would take Addium upon awakening from sleep prior to work.

What are the side effects of addium?

As with most medicines that effect nerve cell function, the expected side-effects would be exaggerations of the desired effects.

Furthermore, because 1 capsule daily may be effective, more is not necessarily better.

The reports of serious side effects have been few.  What I was able to see reported on an internet search was an occasional complaint of a skin rash after taking the capsule.

what are the side effects of adiumum?
Important Note
If any adverse reaction occurs after taking a capsule the supplement should be immediately discontinued and your primary care practitioner be contacted for evaluation.

Final Thoughts

It seems that Addium has the ingredients that could enhance cognition and energy.  There have not been any reliable experimental studies that compared it with a placebo.  Nor have there been any “head to head” studies comparing it with other medicines or supplements.

In the medical field, practitioners are always hesitant to recommend a medicine (whether it is over-the-counter or by prescription) that has not been thoroughly studied.  That does not necessarily mean it is ineffective or dangerous.  You will simply have to decide for yourself.

You will have to use “common sense” if you decide to use Addium.  It would be advisable to consult with your primary care practitioner before starting this supplement. 

You may find that their knowledge about Addium is very limited so that their advice will be too.

I hope you have found this review of Addium helpful. Please send comment. I would love to hear from you.

Wishing you good health and peace,

Dr. Jeffrey Bado, D.O.

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