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7 Effective Exercises Against Lower Back Pain

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, an epidemic of the century that has profoundly affected our daily life habits over the past year, our movements have been greatly restricted, while the hours we spend in front of the computer when talking about online meetings have increased due to the transfer of work life to the home environment. This condition also caused lower back pain in many people.

Back Pain Causes and Remedies

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the shape of the body deteriorated due to long periods of work and immobility in front of the screen. The spine, and especially the waist, was either hunched or crooked. The collapse of the spiritual structure also caused stress on the core, increasing pain. Poor posture, improper use of the body, staying in the same position, abnormal loads riding on the waist, the task of the core, and surrounding muscles made you forget. Forces became inoperable; their strength decreased, they contracted and shortened. These factors also led to increased lower back pain in many people. Novelties cause 68% of low back pain. It is possible to reduce these pains with some measures to be taken and some exercises to be done. Here are 7 effective exercises that reduce lower back pain;

1.     Book-Carrying Exercise on the Head

Do a book-carrying exercise on the head, both sitting and standing. Sit on the chair with your back straight and place a book over your head. In this way, try to stop for five minutes several times during the day. In the same way, you can restore the spine’s natural curvature, especially the waist, by placing a book on your head and standing upright.

2.     Lying On Your Back, Lift Your Legs Up

Lying on your back, extend both legs adjacent. In turn, first, lift one leg from your hip ten times, then repeat the procedure on the other leg. Then lift both legs adjacent so that they are above your hip at the same time. Do this movement at least ten times in the morning and evening.

3.     Put Your Hands Below Your Waist and Press Down

In the back position, place both hands open, side by side, with the backs of the hands facing the waist, between the core and the ground. Press your abdomen on your hands to the floor. Feel your back contract. Count to ten, then loosen it. If you do it regularly in the morning and evening, you will benefit significantly from strengthening the abdomen and waist.

4.     Put A Pillow Under Your Stomach

Lying face down, put a pillow under the abdomen. Relax your back. Then move your head, neck, and back up from the waist. Arms can be front or side, depending on the situation. Do this ten times in the morning and evening. Again in the prone position, with a pillow under the abdomen, lift both legs ten times in turn while the arms are on the sides. In this way, the leg muscles that carry the waist and the entire body are also activated.

5.     Shuttle Pull

Lying on your back, the shuttle movement in a full or half position stretches the waist, allowing the abdominal muscles to contract. Abdominal muscles form the front part of the cylinder, which together with the waist forms the lower part of the torso. Place your hand under your head in the back position and sit down at least ten times a day.

6.     Stand On Your Knees and Elbows.

In the face position, stand on your knees and elbows. Flex your spine, which forms the back of your torso, by bringing it into the camel position. In this movement, the beginning is from the waist to the back and neck or neck to the back and abdomen. Do this regularly ten times in the morning and evening every day. These movements flex both the anterior and posterior muscles of the torso.

7.     Flex Waist Muscles

Stand up while lying on your side; repeat this movement ten times. Then lie down on the other side and make the same move. Then lie on your back and rotate both legs to both sides of your torso. Do it regularly ten times in the morning and evening. In this way, you flex the muscles of these areas.

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