4 Important Benefits of Summer For Your Spine

You can turn the summer, when we complain about the heat, into an opportunity. In this article, you can find out what you can do in the summer for your spine health.

For your lower back, neck, and back pain, you may suspect a herniated disc. You can even avoid going to the doctor. In fact, contrary to popular belief, almost 95% of these pains aren’t caused by a herniated disc. Spine problems such as simple retention, strain, and cramps related to muscles, joints, and tendons are the basis of these novices. Many people suffering from these pains reduce their complaints with protection, rest, and medications. These methods, which are applied for a herniated disc, are of great benefit as a start of treatment. It also helps with treatment methods such as physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, algology initiatives. You can take advantage of summer for increased spine complaints due to simple muscle eclipses, joint and bone problems, infections, hernia, narrowing of the canal, tumors. The summer months, when we complain about the heat, have benefits for spinal health. Here are the benefits of summer on your spine!

1. Warm Air Relaxes Muscles

You complain about the sweltering heat, but do you know that the heat is suitable for your spine health? Hot stretching provides a relaxing effect on spasm muscles and joints. In this way, the spine adapts by tolerating the problem it is experiencing more. The impact of cold weather, on the other hand, reverses the situation. So enjoy the sun, warm weather. But don’t be exposed to the sun for long periods during dangerous hours when the sun comes at a right angle. Take protective measures. Do long walks, light running, and stretching exercises at appropriate times of the day.

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2. Swimming Works All Our Muscles

Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises for our spine health. Because swimming works the whole body with the arms, legs, hips, and spine, it strengthens the novelties and tendons. While swimming, the body, which accelerates forward, also has a kind of expansion in the vertebrae between the spine’s bones and a good traction exercise effect with a stretching movement. An additional benefit is that the lifting power of the water also reduces the load on our spine, making it easier to move. For this reason, exercise programs in water are also an essential part of physiotherapy. Therefore, for your spine health, don’t miss the opportunity of sea and pool thanks to the extra benefits that both heat and water will provide in summer. Initially, choose to swim on your back, in all styles, if you don’t feel problems, but make a habit of swimming without too much fatigue, pain. If you can create an opportunity to swim 2-3 days a week, you will be doing your spine a great favor.

3. Excess Weight Creates A Risk

Excess weight is one of the causes that lead to spine problems and increase their severity. According to studies, every five pounds taken increases the risk of spine problems by 8%. So every weight that grows in the body increases the load on the spinal ligaments and discs. With the transition from the lying position to the vertical position, the load on the discs increases by four times. So if you have a herniated neck or disc, the first thing you should do is undoubtedly get rid of excess weight. Summer is also a good opportunity for us to eat less under the influence of heat and lose weight because we consume more healthy vegetables and fruits and do more activity. Of course, don’t forget about the professional recommendations of diet experts, abundant liquid consumption, and joint control.

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4. Straighten Your Spine With Exercise

Traditional sports are friendly to spine health. Sports and walking ensure that all structures of the spine work, stay warm and strong, be in ideal balance and upright. Moreover, it is one of the most necessary mechanisms for bone health. It isn’t easy to play sports in winter because the weather is cold and because of rain and snow. One of the significant opportunities offered by the summer months is playing more sports in sunny weather. Be careful to devote time to sports such as running, stretching exercises, yoga, pilates, and tennis in the summer. If you don’t like this type of sport, at least make a habit of walking regularly. Do outdoor sports for at least 30 minutes, 2-3 days a week, after a good warm-up, provided that your spine isn’t overly tired and does not cause pain.

Sports Also Benefit Physical Therapy

Walking and exercises after physical therapy in hot weather also increase the benefit seen from such treatments. Because hot air and a hot environment prepare our body by making it more suitable for physical therapy. After treatment, it also provides an appropriate setting for the continuation of the benefit. Of course, first of all, we need to know about our problems with our spine. It is essential to know these things and consult a doctor to act consciously, to request his assessment. After the examination, if necessary, additional radiological and laboratory tests are performed, your specialist doctor will help you make the most accurate summer plan.

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