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What are your Neck Pain Causes?

Get Neck Pain Relief…Now!

There are many neck pain causes…have you found yours?

Have you been searching and searching for neck pain relief and just can’t seem to find the solution for your neck muscle pain or stiff neck pain?

Whew! Do we know how you feel and we want to help by providing you with honest and dependable information about your pain. Most importantly…it is time to restore the quality of your life!

neck pain causes

What are your neck pain causes?

Posture is key!

Looking Down

Many activities of daily life, whether at home or on the job, involve working down in front of the body. This brings our head forward so that we can look down. The center of gravity of our head is no longer balanced over our body but forward and imbalanced.

A forward head position creates stress and stiff neck pain that adds up over time.

Your muscles react by feeling tired, sore and tight. Painful…isn’t it?

A simple solution

A simple solution…for neck pain relief is to try and bring whatever you are working on up to your eye level instead of bending your head forward. Our clients love this simple solution.

Turkey Posture

Neck pain causes with this neck position are similar to looking down to read, working on our laptops, cell phones or typing on a keyboard. The head is forward but instead of looking down we are looking up.

A forward head posture also imbalances the head over thin air and may create tired and sore neck muscle pain.

A favorite solution that may give you immediate relief is to tuck your chin and bring your neck back over your trunk when on the computer, etc.

neck and shoulder pain

Holding your arms out to the side, in front of us or anywhere in between. Unfortunately many activities require us to hold our arms out without support. Examples would be working on a keyboard or mouse that is too far away.

Working with the mouse closer to your body allows the upper arm to relax and hang vertically on the side of your body.

Carrying a Bag on Your Shoulder. This activity creates stress on your neck muscles even if the bag is empty. Carrying the bag across the body removes the stress on your neck muscles.

Carrying a Heavy Weight in your Hand. Carrying a briefcase, a bag of groceries or travel bag also creates stress on your neck muscles which then creates neck muscle pain or stiff neck pain. A great solution is to balance the weight between 2-hands or use a bag on wheels.

Holding a Phone Between Your Ear and Shoulder. This position requires you to bend the neck to one side and cause an imbalance of the neck muscles. For neck pain relief try holding the phone with the opposite hand or use a headset.

Unhealthy Sleep Posture. An unhealthy sleep posture can definitely add to neck muscle pain or stiff neck pain.

The healthiest sleep posture is either on the back with a small pillow that supports the nature curve of your neck or on the side with a pillow that supports the head and neck in a neutral posture.

What does this mean for you?

Neck pain causes vary from arthritis, injury, osteoporosis, whiplash, muscle pain and/or pinched nerves.

Massage therapy, ice, stretching and strengthening all play an important role to keeping you out of chronic pain.

Whatever causes your neck pain self-care is important. Removing physical stresses that cause poor postures may get you back to the things you love to do.

Please…Try these suggestions and like our clients….restore the quality of your life!

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