Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Yoga for Carpal Tunnel

In the Cochrane review issued in January, yoga ranks as one of the effective non- surgical treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome. Cochrane review is compiled by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization aimed at helping people make well- informed decisions about health care by undertaking scientific studies of evidence for certain remedies.

They found out that for eight weeks, carpal tunnel yoga can lead to a better short- term pain relief and a five fold increase chance of improvement in Phalen’s sign that wrist splinting. Phalen’s sign is paraesthesiae (“pins and needles” and tingling) produced within one or two minutes when the wrist is held flexed.

Carpal tunnel yoga also provided a similar improvement to wrist splinting in nocturnal waking, Tinel’s sign (paraesthesiae provoked by tapping over the median nerve at the wrist) and grip strength.

Long before all these findings have been found, it has been known to be an ancient practice of health that originated in India.

It concentrates on improving the harmony of body and mind by increasing bodily awareness and relaxation.

Over time, there have been several positions developed that are beneficial to repetitive trauma disorders such as tendritis and tennis elbow.

Carpal Tunnel Yoga

Yoga poses for Carpal Tunnel

Here are some postures of a carpal tunnel yoga that you can perform at anytime of the day.

  1. Chair twist- Sit sideways in chair with right side against back of the chair. Place the hands on back of chair, twist to the right using hands for additional support.
  2. Staff pose- Sit on a chair with trunk upright while the hands are pressed onto the chair.
    Press the shoulder blades into back, move the shoulders back and down.
  3. Dog pose with chair- Stand with feet hip width apart and facing the seat of a chair. Bend while placing palms on seat and shoulder width apart.
    Straighten arms and lift waist, hips and knees a few inches above the chair. Turn arms out and curve trunk back between them. Bring coccyx, sacrum and lumbar spine forward, keeping buttocks tight. Stretch front of the body from the pubis. Raise sternum and ribs. Hold shoulders back. Press shoulder blades and dorsal spine in.
  4. Arms overhead with hands in prayer position- Stand with arms raised to a tee position. Urn the palms up then rotate the arms in small circles with fist forward then back. Lift arms straight overhead, join hands in prayer position, stretch it up and look up at hands.
  5. 90 degree forward bend to wall- Stand with feet about hip width apart. Raise arms over the head and bend at hips while bringing the hands to rest on the wall.
  6. Hands in prayer behind back- Stand while bringing palms together behind back and fingers pointing up down. Turn the fingers up and raise them as high as possible between the shoulder blades.

After doing all of these stance of carpal tunnel yoga, do not forget to simply relax.


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